Fashion for less at Tabo sa Banay

Cebuanos love to bargain. In Cebu, bargain means Tabo sa Banay. Tabo is a Cebuano word for gathering or the verb to meet or to gather. Banay means family or race. Tabo sa banay for the locals refer to a gathering of the community where selling and buying take place at affordable prices. For aContinue reading “Fashion for less at Tabo sa Banay”

Rening Ylaya: At 73, going 42

The names of places come out in a staccato, wheezing whisper barely heard through the disco music booming from large speakers at the Cebu City Sports Center (CCSC) track oval. “Marawi-Iligan, Cagay-an, Davao, Cagay-an, Manila, Cebu…,” Ireneo “Rening” Ylaya recites like a mantra—in a strained asthmatic’s voice—the places where he ran marathons. He says theContinue reading “Rening Ylaya: At 73, going 42”