VECO wins award for employee breastfeeding support program

The Visayan Electric Company, Inc. (VECO) was awarded in the recently concluded #InahanKugihan Breastfeeding Awards for having the Most Beautiful Lactation Room in a Private Establishment.

The Breastfeeding Awards Program, an initiative of the website, is “lovingly created by and Milk Making Mommies” to recognize all the #InahanKugihan in Cebu as well as the OB/Pedia and Businesses in Cebu who have been very supportive of breastfeeding. The awards program is open to all Cebu-based mommies who are actively feeding and breast milk feeding, Cebu-based OB/Pedia and businesses that have breastfeeding support programs for its employees or customers.

Dr. Marini Tabon-Esguerra of Titadocmom Breastfeeding Center – Cebu, the person behind the website and one of the promoters of breastfeeding in Cebu, said parents of breastfed babies have less health care claims, less absent days and are able to save from not buying milk formula, water, or medications.

MOTHER-FRIENDLY. The Visayan Electric Company was recognized for having “The Most Beautiful Lactation Room in a Private Establishment” during the recently concluded #InahanKugihan Breastfeeding Awards. The VECO Lactation Room is equipped with the necessary facilities that breastfeeding employees need to comfortably express and store milk even while at work.

“However, I think the most special contribution of breastfeeding at work is the feeling of empowerment of the employee when his or her family’s goals are supported. This has been statistically proven to increase employee loyalty to the company and increased productivity from feelings of well-being. Also, breastfed children grow to become healthy, social and intelligent adults with much to offer to their communities,” she added.

Visayan Electric was nominated by one of their breastfeeding employees, Ronimay Ducay-Alvarado.

“I nominated VECO because of its wonderful support to my fellow breastfeeding moms in our office. Our lactation room or Mother’s Room as we call it, is very useful to moms like me who want to continue our breastfeeding journey even when we’re working. I am so thankful to VECO for providing us more than what is required by law and for helping us nourish our babies with the best nutrition that we can ever afford,” Ducay-Alvarado said.

Republic Act 10028 of the Expanded Breastfeeding Promotion Act of 2009 was signed to support, protect and encourage women who are breastfeeding working moms. The law requires workplaces to establish a lactation station for nursing mothers complete with equipment and facilities such as lavatory for hand washing, refrigeration for storing breast milk, electrical outlets for breast pumps, comfortable seats and tables. The law also provides for nursing mothers to be given additional breaks called lactation periods of not less than 40 minutes in an 8-hour working period.

“More than compliance, we want our nursing VECO employees to feel comfortable that even though they left their little ones at home, they can still continue to provide breast milk. The lactation room is just a tool for them to accomplish their breastfeeding goals,” said Johanna Samson of the VECO Human Resources.

The Visayan Electric Company, owned and managed by publicly-listed Aboitiz Power Corporation and Vivant Corporation, is the second largest electric utility in the country. VECO has three ISO certifications — ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management Systems (QMS), ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Health and Safety Management Systems (EHSMS) and ISO 45001:2018 for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS). (Press Release)


VECO inaugurates upgraded Consolacion substation

To meet the demands of growing residential developments and the vigorous economy in the northern part of its franchise area, the Visayan Electric Company, Inc. (VECO), inaugurated its upgraded Consolacion Substation on May 10.

The Consolacion Substation, which was built in 1995, originally had a 33MVA capacity. Assistant Vice President for Engineering Operations Noel Modesto said VECO saw the need to improve, rehabilitate, and upgrade the substation to 66MVA to improve reliability and flexibility to better serve its customers in the municipalities of Consolacion and Lilo-an.

Consolacion Mayor Teresa Alegado, in her speech during the inauguration, said the municipality is thankful that VECO keeps up with the demands of the municipality’s growing economy.

“We in Consolacion consider VECO as a partner in growth and development and we are very thankful that VECO readily answers the call of the times. In fact, VECO is several steps ahead. Seeing that Consolacion is growing rapidly, you are also preparing your facilities to meet the demands. We look forward to working with you more and we assure you that we will always be hand in hand in the development of Consolacion,” the mayor said.

CONSOLACION SUBSTATION UPGRADE. VECO inaugurated its upgraded Consolacion Substation last May 10. Consolacion Mayor Teresa Alegado attended the event and praised the utility for “keeping up with the times.”

A substation is a set of equipment where voltage is transformed from high to low, which is suitable for supply to consumers.

VECO has a total of 19 substations. It started the rehabilitation works at the Consolacion Substation in October 2017 and upgraded its capacity in August of 2018. The upgrading of the Consolacion Substation is also in preparation for the upcoming rehabilitation of the nearby Paknaan Substation, which will be implemented by June this year with a 2020 targeted commissioning. Rehabilitation and upgrading works for the Calamba Substation in Cebu City into 66MVA is ongoing and is expected to be completed this year.

Owned and managed by publicly-listed Aboitiz Power Corporation and Vivant Corporation, VECO serves the cities of Cebu, Mandaue, Talisay, Naga and four municipalities of the greater part of Metro Cebu — Liloan, Consolacion, Minglanilla and San Fernando. (Press Release)


VECO reminds public: No posters on poles please

As the campaign for the upcoming May elections heats up, the Visayan Electric Company, Inc. (VECO) is reminding the public, candidates, and their supporters not to post campaign materials on its electric poles.

The Commission on Elections released last January Resolution No. 10488, reiterating provisions of Republic Act 9006 or the Fair Elections Act, which provides rules on campaigning for the elections. Section 7 F of the resolution states that during the campaign period, it is unlawful “to post or display or exhibit any election campaign or propaganda material outside of common poster areas, in public places, or in private properties without the consent of the owner thereof.”

VECO election posters
PROHIBITED. Members of VECO’s Revenue Protection Department take out announcements and posters that are posted on VECO poles in Barangay Kasambagan. Comelec rules prohibit the posting of campaign materials on electric posts.


The resolution also provides that street and lamp posts and electric posts and wires that are on public properties are considered as public places.

“VECO is appealing to the candidates and their supporters to heed the Comelec Resolution and keep our poles free from campaign materials,” said Anton Mari G. Perdices, VECO EVP and COO.

Perdices added that as part of its maintenance and safety, poles should be free from any unnecessary attachments and posters.

Last March 23, VECO’s Revenue Protection Department, headed by Engr. Ramonito Omboy, already started a pole clean up drive along Barangay Kasambagan. The pole clean-up drive, will continue as long as there are announcements and campaign materials posted on VECO poles.

“The law provides that campaign materials are to be posted on designated poster areas. We in VECO hope that the public, our customers, will help us keep our poles poster free. Let us follow and respect the law,” Engr. Omboy said. (Press Release)