When it’s about the journey, not just the destination

I’ve always been tepid about that cliche on the journey being the destination. It is a frequent travel bromide on Instagram, often posted by the very people who ultimately share fantastic photos of their destinations. Surely the journey and the destination make for the whole travel experience. with one literally leading to the other. I…

Eats Meets West showcases the best of Midwest Cebu towns

BEST MAIN COURSE. Tabuelan’s alimangong humba or crabs cooked in the manner of the popular Cebuano braised pork dish was picked Best Main Course during the Eats Meets West culinary competition earlier this month.

Crabs simmered humba style, skewered squid cubes turned golden brown on a clay grill, and native chicken cooked in fermented coconut juice as five towns in midwestern Cebu prepared their entries for the Eats Meets West culinary competition held in Tabuelan.