Jessie shares secrets to delicious Argao torta

At Jessie's, torta is baked in the hurno or clay oven and tuba (coconut wine) is used as leavening.

Baking the perfect Argao torta requires a confluence of several things, revealed one of the town’s top makers Jessie Magallones. The tuba (coconut wine) must be fresh and fermented just right so it is neither too sweet or sour. A clay oven or what Cebuanos call the “hurno” gives the best Argao torta results. Cooking…

Around Argao in a day

San Miguel Arcangel Church in Argao, Cebu.

Argao’s pueblo was patterned after Spain’s blueprint for its settlements in the colonies, which specified a church-rectory-municipal hall-plaza-complex and with the natives living nearby or “bajo el sonido de la campana (under the sound of the bell).”