Beyond level 5, Aguinid Falls is unspoiled, green

ALL TO OURSELVES. We went past the crowded lower levels to enjoy a dip in level 7 of Aguinid Falls.

A regular climb to Aguinid Falls in Samboan, Cebu entails going up the pathway created by the flowing water as it makes its way down from the fifth level to the sea. Beyond the fifth tier, however, the falls go up three levels more. There, beyond the reach of the regular climbers, nature is raw,…

Palagsing: unwrapping a local delicacy

PALAGSING. This local delicacy is sweeter and has a more intense flavor than the suman or budbod. It is available in public markets in southern Cebu, particularly in Samboan and Ginatilan.

It looks like a suman or budbod because of the way it is wrapped in leaves but that’s just one of two similarities the local delicacy known as palagsing shares with the more popular merienda mainstays. The palagsing is sweeter and offers a more intense flavor than the suman or budbod and, like the two, goes well with afternoon coffee, preferably black or brewed from roasted corn grits.

Aguinid Falls offers a different kind of thrill

AGUINID FALLS. Other waterfalls may be taller or more majestic but none can compare to the total experience of climbing up the many levels of Aguinid Falls in Samboan, Cebu. This is level 5, the topmost section.

Going up Aguinid Falls was a climb of many thrills: wading in the flow or swimming where the water pools, stepping from rock to rock, climbing alongside that falling sheet of liquid or meeting it head-on, pausing to take a shower.

Lunch at Bodos Bamboo Bar Resort, Alcoy

View from the Bodos Bamboo Bar Restaurant in Alcoy.

Once upon a long drive to Cebu’s southernmost towns of Santander and Samboan, we found ourselves stopping for lunch at the Bodos Bamboo Bar Resort in Alcoy. The BBB Resort in Alcoy has a restaurant on top of a hill that offers a panorama of sea, sky, and mountain. Since it is made of wooden…

Samboan is home to natural, heritage attractions

The town center of Samboan from the third level of the Spanish period belfry and watchtower named Campanario de Antigua.

As one of the few towns located at the southernmost tip of Cebu, Samboan is an unspoiled gem of natural wonders and ancient stone monuments. It is home to rivers, springs, waterfalls, caves and clean coastlines as well as structures that are hundreds of years old and bear silent witness to Samboan’s early years. Here…

Boljoon ready for tourists during Holy Week break

Boljoon sits, like a postcard picture, on a narrow strip of land between the mountain and the sea.

If you’re planning a Cebu trip during the Holy Week break and feel that the holiday island of Bantayan will be too crowded, you might want to consider Boljoon and its neighboring towns in your travel itinerary. Many tourists now consider Boljoon as an alternative Cebu destination during the Lenten season, Mayor Merlou Derama said.…