Top Cebu news stories in 2015: politics heats up, traffic worsens, Cebu pulls off successful APEC hosting, economy continues strong growth

SRP Accident. SRP accidents like this one, when a car went up in flames after hitting a motorcycle, has forced the City Government to impose strict safety measures at the area. (Photo by Jojo Abcede)

With 2016 being an election year, local politicians started bracing for a showdown and jockeying for positions in 2015. Alliances were forged, strengthened, and, for some, broken.

Cebu News Digest: March 5, 2015: Heavier traffic expected in North Recla today; Former law student, old case surface vs. Ronda vice mayor

This stretch of road will be close to vehicles coming from Mandaue City. Motorists coming from the Mandaue City side of the NRA will have to turn right to the access road going to the Aboitiz football field.

Heavier traffic is expected along the North Reclamation Area starting today, as some public vehicles on the S. Osmeña Blvd. route will be diverted as concreting work continues. A former law student claims that Vice Mayor Jonah John Ungab of Ronda town is father of her child. She filed a sexual harassment case against the…

Cebu News Digest: March 3, 2015: Lady lawyer denies being mistress, presents more proof against wife of Ronda vice mayor; 11-year-old CVIRAA athlete accuses coach for molesting him

CHASED, RAMMED. Lawyer Jiecel Tiu said Pearl Ungab, the wife of Ronda Vice Mayor Jonah John Ungab, rammed her car and attacked her with a baseball bat. (Photo posed on Facebook by TV 5 reporter Ryan Sorote)

Lawyer Jiecel Tiu presented additional proof against Pearl Ungab, the wife of Ronda Vice Mayor Jonah John Ungab. Pearl allegedly rammed Tiu’s Toyota Vios with a pick-up then hit her with a baseball bat in Barangay Cogon-Ramos. At the same time, Tiu denied Pearl’s accusations of her being Ronda Vice Mayor’s mistress. A young participant…