QBO Innovation Hub, Microsoft launch accelerator program for B2B Startups in the Philippines

Startups developing digital enterprise solutions are encouraged to apply now for limited slots in this innovative support program QBO Innovation Hub, the first public-private partnership platform for Filipino startups, recently partnered with Microsoft to launch a nationwide program designed to accelerate the growth of selected startups developing enterprise solutions.

Plastic Credit Exchange, Microsoft partner to ensure transparent, reliable corporate sustainability with blockchain tech

Plastic Credit Exchange enables businesses worldwide to responsibly offset their plastic footprints through an integrated and innovative platform.

Philippine-based non-profit plastic offset program Plastic Credit Exchange (PCX) launches a Blockchain-protected credit registry developed by Microsoft. Plastic Credit Exchange (PCX), the first global non-profit plastic offset program, recently partnered with Microsoft to develop a blockchain-protected credit registry. The revamped credit registry will ensure the public and relevant stakeholders that all transactions within the Exchange…

DOH Data Collect Dashboards enables real-time monitoring of nationwide COVID-19 response

With the rising number of COVID-19 cases that nearly doubled from the previous year, the Philippine Department of Health (DOH), recently upgraded their “DOH Data Collect (DDC) Dashboards” to give timely information of various metrics like bed capacities and service availability, COVID-19 commodities and supplies, and the vaccine administration program to the Local Government Units…