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  • Magellan’s Cross offers indulgence to Catholic faithful

    Magellan's Cross

    Augustinian friar Santos Gomez Marañon, who served as bishop of Cebu from 1829 to 1840, granted the Magellan’s Cross plenary indulgence to those who pray before it every Feast of the Triumph of the Cross on September 14. The indulgence is gained by praying the Creed. For those unfamiliar with Catholic teachings, an indulgence is […]

  • Is the original really encased inside Magellan’s Cross?

    No, according to several historians. The panel placed at the foot of the cross makes two astonishing claims: that it contains the original Magellan’s Cross and that it was planted by the Portuguese explorer on that very spot. Neither claim holds up to close scrutiny. It is also interesting to note that the commemorative marker […]

  • Magellan’s cross symbolizes conversion

    This small octagonal structure in downtown Cebu City may appear unimpressive, but it houses a valuable relic and marks an important spot for Cebuanos. Enclosed in tindalo wood inside the octagonal kiosk is what is left of the original cross that Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan planted in Sugbu (now Cebu) some 490 years ago. The […]