Tag: Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort and Spa

  • Imperial Palace rebrands to JPark Island Resort Cebu

    By June 1, Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort and Spa will start being known as JPark Island Resort Cebu (JPI). The move is intended to create a common brand for existing and upcoming products and services of Philippine BXT Corp., resort owner and operator, and in recognition of its Korean and Filipino owners, said Reno Bacolod, […]

  • Cebu’s selection of white sand beaches

    White sand beach in Basdako, Moalboal, Cebu

    Cebu beaches are known for their fine white sand and clear waters. Being in the center of a long and narrow island that is 200 kilometers long and nowhere exceeding 40 kilometers in width, Cebu City is half an hour to a few hours away from white sand beaches, long coastlines, beautiful resorts, and paradise […]