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Cebu Guide tourism app new version released in time for APEC meetings

Delegates attending the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings in Cebu now have access to a handy guide on where the top attractions and latest activities in the province are with the release of the updated travel app Cebu Guide.

Made available by InnoPub Media and mobile leader Smart Communications (Smart) in partnership with the Cebu Provincial Government, the mobile app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store for Android devices and Apple App Store for iOS. The app can also be downloaded from

The guide lists island attractions – from heritage structures like ancient houses and centuries-old stone churches to white sand beaches and island-hopping destinations, a wide range of land and water activities, the best accommodations, food to try, and important contact numbers.

Tapping partnerships

“Cebu is working to make APEC 2015 meetings a success. One of the initiatives is tapping existing partnerships like the Digital Tourism program with SMART and InnoPub,” said Cebu Governor Hilario Davide III.

“By providing delegates with information through the Cebu Guide app, we make their visits meaningful. By using the platform for announcements, we are also helping Cebuanos get the latest updates on APEC activities,” Gov. Davide said.

The app directory also provides a complete listing of Department of Tourism-accredited tour guides, tour operators, transport services as well as consular offices and emergency contacts like police and hospitals.

ALERTS, UPDATES. Cebu Guide can send users notifications from APEC alerts to updates on places to go and things to do in Cebu.
ALERTS, UPDATES. Cebu Guide can send users notifications from APEC alerts to updates on places to go and things to do in Cebu.


Tourist attractions, hotels and other locations featured in the app have GPS data and users need only to tap the “check location” link to be guided on how to get to a place. Contact details are also active and users need only to tap on phone numbers to call a guide, tour operator, police station or any person or organization listed on the app.

Comprehensive, handy guide

“We are happy to support the Cebu Provincial Government in promoting what Cebu can offer to the APEC delegates. A comprehensive and handy guide to Cebu, the Cebu Guide can help the delegates maximize their stay in the country. This is aligned with our digital tourism program which aims to enhance the delivery of tourism information through the use of mobile and digital technologies,” said Smart Public Affairs Group Head Ramon Isberto.

A chapter of the travel guide will carry important Cebu updates, such as developments pertaining to the anticipated APEC meetings scheduled from August to October. The locally-relevant APEC updates will be provided by the Cebu Provincial Government.

The mobile app has a notification function that allows users to immediately receive information on such things as traffic changes like rerouting and road closures for the duration of the APEC 2015 meetings in Cebu.

Nationwide Digital Tourism program

“We are excited to collaborate with SMART and the Cebu Provincial Government to help tourists and APEC delegates make the most of their Cebu visit by providing them with important information on where to go and what to do when in Cebu,” said Max Limpag, InnoPub Media co-founder.

The app is released as part of the nationwide Digital Tourism program by SMART and InnoPub Media in collaboration with local government units and private organizations. The program started in Cebu and is now in Iloilo, Baguio, Albay and Bohol and is set for expansion in key tourism areas in the country.

The program was given an Anvil Award of Merit in February 2014.

Events Heritage

Cebu celebrates 445th founding anniversary on August 6

Many Cebuanos are well aware of the upcoming 445th Founding Anniversary of Cebu on August 6, 2014 as it has been declared a special holiday in the province.

Beyond the fact that there is no work or classes on that day, what do we really know about this singular date in Cebu’s history and what it has come to represent?

It turns out it was on August 6, 1569 that King Phillip of Spain issued a “real cedula” granting the Spanish conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legazpi the title of governor and captain general of Cebu.

Founding anniversary

Cebu Founding Anniversary
The Cebu Capitol spruces up for its 445th Founding Anniversary celebration on August 6, 2014.

Citing historical sources, the book “Cebu: Yesterday and Today” said the province identified Legazpi as the first governor and picked the date as its symbolic founding. It was only on March 10, 1917, however, that the Province of Cebu was officially created under Act 2711.

The title granted to Legazpi, the book added, gave him the responsibility of administering justice, maintaining order and harmony, and fostering friendly ties with the local inhabitants for a more orderly rule.

Monsignor Martin Calcocer was the last Spanish leader of Cebu and he was succeeded by Luis Flores, first governor of a Filipino Provincial Government established on April 3, 1898.

Capitol seal

While many Cebuanos also recognize the provincial seal, only a few understand the meaning behind the symbols for understandable reasons. Chief among them is the failure to mainsteam such historical information.

Cebu Provincial Government seal
Cebu Provincial Government seal

Shaped like a shield divided into quarters and enclosed in a circle, the Provincial Government seal features six oysters, a spear crossed by a bolo twice, and 48 small squares.

The spear and the bolo represents resistance against oppression as symbolized by Lapu-Lapu’s successful struggle against the mightly Spanish force led by Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan.

The six oysters were the six generals who revolted against Spanish and American authorities, namely Generals Maxilom, Echavez, Cabreros, Leon Kilat, Jaca, and Genes. On the other hand, the squares represent the total number of local governments in the Province of Cebu.

Digital tourism

In line with the 445th Founding Anniversay of the Province of Cebu, several activities have been lined up through the month of August.

Among the highlights of the celebration are the founding mass and program on August 6, Gabii sa Sugbo on August 8, and a pact signing on August 4 with our start-up InnoPub Media for a province-wide implementation of Digital Tourism.

Digital Tourism comes in two components: mobile apps (downloadable from Google Play Store) that serve as handy guides to Cebu tourist attractions and special markers that use quick response (QR) codes to provide context to local culture, heritage, and history.

With the QR markers, information about Cebu’s built heritage that includes but is not limited to more than 30 centuries-old stone churches will be easily accessible to local and foreign tourists.

Schedule of activities

August 1, Friday
Flag Ceremony & Raising of Municipal Flags / Opening of Agro-Fair
Opening of Business Incubation Exhibit

August 2, Saturday
Family Day: Fun Walk / Zumba / Caleza Riding / Awarding

August 3, Sunday
Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines

August 4, Monday
Wellness Day / MOA Signing with Inno Pub Media on Digital Tourism

August 5, Tuesday
Bangga sa Kanta, Balak ug Pakatawa

August 6, Wednesday
445th Founding Anniversary Holy Mass / Anniversary Program / Awarding

August 8, Friday
Gabii sa Sugbo / Launching of Bidlisiw Awards

August 14, Thursday
Shark Summit

August 15, Friday
Halad sa Kabataan

August 18, Monday
Recognition Day / Punong Barangay Day

August 20, Wednesday
Media Night

August 24, Sunday
Local Job Fair

August 29, Friday
Launching of UBAS (Ugnayang Barangay at Simbahan)