Marco Polo features Flavors of Mindanao in Independencia culinary festival

From durian rice cakes to fish stewed in turmeric to slow-cooked beef in burnt coconut broth, an interesting and delicious range of dishes with Moro and lumad heritage are on the menu in Café Marco at the Marco Polo Plaza Cebu. The dishes are made available as part of Flavors of Mindanao, this year’s Independencia…

Marco Polo features Indian cuisine with Khana Culinary Journey

INDIAN CUISINE. Marco Polo Plaza Cebu is featuring Indian cuisine in its lunch and dinner buffets in Cafe Marco with its Khana Culinary Journey until November 15.

Palak paneer or spinach curry with cheese, spicy chickpeas dish of chana masala, teardrop-shaped bread called nan, heavenly desserts gajar halva and jalebi, and other Indian specialties are available up to November 15 at five-star hotel Marco Polo Plaza Cebu.

Marco Polo Cebu highlights food of the revolution in Independencia culinary journey

REBEL FLAVOR. Among the highlights of Marco Polo Plaza Cebu’s Independencia buffet is roasted chicken flavored with sampaloc or tamarind leaves and wrapped in banana bark. The bark also acts as the chicken container in case the revolutionaries find themselves needing to flee their hiding place.

All throughout Independencia: A Tribute to Our Filipino Heroes, which will run up to June 20, Cafe Marco will carry dishes that have been around for centuries and favorites of such notable personalities as Jose Rizal, Marcelo H. del Pilar, and Emilio Aguinaldo.