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Buffet 101 Cebu offers all-you-can-eat dining in hotel setting

High ceiling, crystal chandeliers, marble floors, opulent furnishings and a smorgasbord of over 300 Asian and Western dishes, Buffet 101 Cebu puts self-service dining in a five-star hotel setting.

Cebu’s newest buffet restaurant, located at City Time Square in Mandaue City, has the widest selection of Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Japanese and Western cuisine and the grandest dining space in Cebu, said Buffet 101 Cebu owner Robert Chua.

“We have the biggest buffet spread in Cebu and we are the biggest in the Philippines in terms of area. Our dining space is comparable to that of any five-star hotel and we’ve introduced affordability to the buffet,” he said. Buffet 101 has total restaurant area of 1,500 square meters.

According to Chua, the restaurant has a food spread that measures a total of 145 meters and dining area that can accommodate 580 persons. It has two function rooms good for a small group of 24 and a bigger crowd of 70 diners.

Buffet 101 Cebu roast beef
Roast beef, all you can eat.


Buffet 101 Cebu
WIDE SELECTION. Buffet 101 Cebu offers over 300 Asian and Western dishes.


Buffer 101 Cebu
ROASTING STATION. The restaurant offers several roast meat options.

Buffet 101 Cebu menu

The all-meat carving station carries roast beef, pork belly, and prime ribs and there’s spicy salmon, white pepper crab, fresh live suahe, and various types of sushi at the Chinese and Japanese sections.

Seafood comes fresh and hot off the grill and delivered to your table. All you need to do is make your selection.

Sisig, kare-kare, chicken inasal, and crispy pata – those signature local dishes Cebuanos are so fond of – are also available.

With its dessert station offering an extensive list, from kakanins like maja, cuchinta, and palitaw to make-your-own halo-halo and a foundation oozing with chocolate, the restaurant more than satisfies any person’s sweet cravings.

All these come with unlimited soda, tea, juice drinks and even coffee plus draft beer and red wine during dinner at an affordable buffet price.

Buffet 101 Cebu
The restaurant offers several types of cheeses.


Buffet 101 Cebu
Jams, butter.

Restaurant rates

The buffet rate is P599 for lunch and P799 for dinner from Monday to Friday, and the same P799 rate for both lunch and dinner the rest of the week and on holidays. The restaurant imposes service charge of 5%. Senior citizens 70 years old and above pay half the price.

Executive chefs Mark Lo and Wilson Wong said they follow a four-day menu cycle, which means they come up with new dishes every four days.

Access to Buffet 101 is through City Time Square though it is located adjacent to the already existing building. Tan said the building was custom-built for Buffet 101 as they wanted a big, high-ceilinged space.

Chito Manlapaz, regional manager, said the number 101 in the restaurant’s name is actually a representation of a plate flanked by utensils on both sides.

Buffet 101 is under Grand Resto, the mother company that is also behind the chain of Yakimix restaurants in the country. Chua is the Cebu partner for both the Yakimix and Buffet 101 branches here.

Buffet 101 Cebu salads


Buffet 101 Cebu
BUFFET 101 CEBU OFFICIALS. (From left) Regional manager Chito Manlapaz, chef Mark Lo, chef Wilson Wong, and owner Robert Chua during the media preview of Buffet 101 Cebu.

Contact details

Can’t wait to try the buffet out? Don’t forget to make your reservations at (+63-32) 517-9999 or 517-2222 (tap on numbers to call on your phone).

The restaurant currently overflows with diners and walk-in guests have to wait a long time for their turn at the buffet. Since it is the festive Christmas season, reservations also now have to be called in two days in advance.

Buffet 101 Cebu
HOTEL SETTING. High crystal chandeliers like this, Buffet 101 puts self-service dining in a five-star hotel setting.


Buffet 101 Cebu
CITY TIME SQUARE. Buffet 101 Cebu is located in City Time Square, across the street from Parkmall in Mandaue City.

Cebu News Digest: March 24, 2015: 6 armed men rob P1.9M from bingo club; Police to heighten security during Holy Week; Concreting of A.S. Fortuna St. to be completed on May 26

In less than 25 minutes under broad daylight, six armed men robbed an electronic bingo outlet in City Time Square on Mantawi Drive in Mandaue City.

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) 7 announced that the concreting in A.S. Fortuna Street will be completed on May 26.

Expecting rise of local and foreign tourists in Bantayan Island and of workers going home to their provinces during Holy Week, the Cebu Provincial Police Office (CPPO) will set up measures to heighten security during that period.

Here are the top stories for today, March 24, 2015:

E-Bingo Club robbery an inside job?

After robbing E-Bingo Club in the City Time Square yesterday afternoon, six armed men fled on board two motorcycles, carting away almost P2 million in cash.

E-Bingo Club
The E-Bingo Club in City Time Square along Mantawi Drive in Mandaue City was robbed last night by six armed men. (Photo taken from City Time Square Facebook page)

Part of the cash (P1.156 million) came from the club’s vault and the rest from the club’s income for three days (P794,137).

The robbers had locked the seven employees of the club—the security guard, two cashiers, gaming head and three attendants—inside the comfort room. One of the robbers carried a .45 pistol while another carried a KG9 pistol.

Then they fled in the direction of Barangay Subangdaku.

The police received a call for help at 2:14 p.m. Because the robbery looked thoroughly planned, they are not discounting the possibility that someone working inside the bingo place may be involved with the robbers.

CPPO to deploy more police personnel

The CPPO will deploy 120 police personnel in Bantayan Island during the Holy Week due to the increase in the number of tourists going there.

They are also bracing for traffic problems with workers expected to go home to their provinces during the period. Traffic problems may also come in the form of some other towns having activities along the highway during the Holy Week.

“We discourage activities that are done along the highway kay makapasamot sa traffic.” — CPPO Director Senior Superintendent Noel Gillamac

Several factors delay road concreting on A.S. Fortuna Street

Since February 15 last year, commuters and motorists have endured the traffic caused by the ongoing road concreting along A.S. Fortuna Street.

But it wouldn’t be long, as DPWH 7 announced that the concreting in A.S. Fortuna Street will finish on May 26.

“Our construction has been delayed because our work during the day is sometimes being cut due to the heavy volume of vehicles passing by.” — DPWH 7 Project Inspector engineer Reymond Catalunia

Another cause for the delay is the movement of pipes owned by the Metropolitan Cebu Water District (MCWD) to safer ground to ensure that water supply in Cebu City and some parts of Mandaue City is not cut off.

TOP CEBU HEADLINES. The front pages of Cebu's 3 English dailies.
TOP CEBU HEADLINES. The front pages of Cebu’s 3 English dailies.

Other Cebu News stories:

Sun.Star Cebu: Scholars’ TOR ‘held hostage’

The Freeman: Money behind killing of high school student?

The Freeman: Five men face robbery charges

Sun.Star Cebu: Informer, quick texts helped police capture 7 robbery suspects in 3 towns

Cebu Business headlines:

Sun.Star Cebu: SMEs paired with potential buyers in DTI’s speed matching event

The Freeman: Revisions in certification scheme to affect PS license holders – DTI

Feature Food

Cafe Namoo provides different cafe experience

If you want a place where you can drink coffee and do some work or business on the side, then Cafe Namoo is not for you.

Cafe Namoo, which labels itself as a dessert cafe and bistro, is more for lounging around or hanging out with family and friends. My son describes it the coolest coffee shop in town. He’s 11.

cafe namoo
Cafe Namoo in City Time Square, Mandaue City is filled to the rafters with messages on post-it notes by customers.

Instead of tables and chairs, the cafe has sections separated by wooden partitions. Each square section is closed off on three sides and curtained on the remaining open side. Cushions are provided and guests, who have to sit on the wooden floor, can use them as back props or pillows if they want to lie down. I learned the hard way that a short dress is a definite no-no.

There’s a low table where you can put your food and drinks.

There are sections with a top tier, like bunk beds. The top areas are accessible through wooden stairways. I haven’t tried it though. I don’t know if there is a limit to the number of people that can quite safely and conveniently stay on the top areas. Vandalism is prohibited but you can bring post-it notes, write inspirational words on them and paste them on the walls.

cafe namoo sections
At Cafe Namoo, guests squat on the floor and are provided with pillows for their comfort.

The Cafe Namoo I’ve tried out is one at City Time Square across Parkmall in Mandaue City. I heard there’s a Cafe Namoo along Old Banilad Road in Cebu City. It’s at the second floor of Northgate Cente, across Gaisano Country Mall, in Banilad.

Getting there

Cafe Namoo is just near Parkmall in Mandaue City. From Cebu City, you can take the Urgello or Mandaue jeepneys that pass by Parkmall. It’s a short trip by cab.

Address: City Time Square, Mandaue City
Business hours: 8 a.m.-1 a.m. (weekdays); 8 a.m.-3 a.m. (weekends)