Durano Eco Farm springwater pools offer cool, clean dip

SPRING WATER. A mountain spring fills seven multi-level pools at the Durano Eco Farm in Carmen, Cebu.

Water from a fast-flowing mountain spring runs through the Durano Eco Farm and replenishes seven multi-level pools to give visitors the best dip of their lives. The pools come in various sizes and depth: shallow for kids, deep for teens and adults, and one that’s a 12 feet plunge for those who want to dive.

Top Bohol destinations included in Travel Village day tour

Bohol's rolling terrain of haycock hills can be seen from an observatory at a recently owned establishment called the Chocolate Hills Adventure Park.

It took longer to reach some of Bohol’s popular tourist spots and attractions because of the damage to some roads and bridges but they are open and welcoming visitors again. The drive to the famous Bohol destination named Chocolate Hills took two hours because of road diversions and the viewing deck built atop one of…

Bohol attractions reopen after 7.2-magnitude quake

A photo of the Chocolate Hills, one of the popular Bohol attractions, taken before a 7.2 magnitude quake hit the province.

There’s no better proof that quake-stricken Bohol is slowly getting back on its feet than moves showing it is back to welcoming tourists to its many attractions. Although the viewing deck on top of one of the Chocolate Hills was destroyed, a recently opened tourist site provides a vantage view of the famous Bohol landmark,…