Be Grand Resort Bohol: luxurious getaway in Bohol

BE GRAND RESORT BOHOL. The view from the Food Hall, which offers the option for a fun and one-of-a-kind wet dining experience.

With its clear blue sea and fine sandy beach, luxurious suites and villas, and wide selection of food and drinks, the Be Grand Resort Bohol in Panglao Island has all the ingredients for an enjoyable getaway in the island of Bohol.

Be Resorts holds Bonfire Fridays weekly up to December

Be Resort's Bonfire Fridays happens weekly until December.

Out on the wide white sandy beach and under a clear starry sky, we lounged about on native handwoven mats, roasted marshmallows on a large open-air fire, and had our fill of drinks as the music played on. It was the exclusive preview of Bonfire Fridays, ongoing weekly up to December and set up at…

Cebu’s selection of white sand beaches

WHITE SAND BEACHES. Cebu is known for its white sand beaches such as this one in Basdako in Barangay Saavedra, Moalboal, Cebu. (Photo by Max Limpag)

Cebu beaches are known for their fine white sand and clear waters. Being in the center of a long and narrow island that is 200 kilometers long and nowhere exceeding 40 kilometers in width, Cebu City is half an hour to a few hours away from white sand beaches, long coastlines, beautiful resorts, and paradise…