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  • Bantayan sa Hari: A remnant of Mandaue’s rich history

    I grew up thinking it was an abandoned jail. During summer breaks as a kid, my friends and I would pass by this cylindrical structure going to and heading back from swimming near the coastal area of Cabahug. All of us thought it was an abandoned jail. In sixth grade, we had a group project […]

  • Forum on baluartes and rap contest to mark 123rd Philippine independence

    Cebu historians, a Tausug scholar, and an Augustinian priest will delve into the Moro raids and Spanish fortifications in the late 16th to early 19th century Cebu/Visayas in a panel discussion on Independence Day. Cebu rap artists will also physically perform their bars with the theme on unity. Entitled “Baluarte (Fortress of defense and reconquest): […]