Accenture, Intel, Sulubaaï Environmental Foundation use AI to save coral reefs

Accenture, Intel and the Philippines-based Sulubaaï Environmental Foundation have developed a new solution powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor, characterize, and analyze coral reef resiliency. The solution is Project: CORaiL, an initiative the three organizations created in 2019. It has been deployed in a reef in the Philippines since last year.

Move to intelligent operations key to do well in business: Accenture

INNOVATION ROADSHOW. Accenture Operations Lead in the Philippines Benedict Hernandez with employees taking part of the innovation roadshow that highlights new IT like big data analytics, augmented reality, and AI.

Companies able to tap innovative talent, harness insights from large amounts of data and applied intelligence and tap benefits from the cloud and smart partnerships will be in the best position to survive disruption and do well in business, a recent global report said. The report by HfS Research and Accenture said the future belongs…

AI can displace workers but it can also triple BPO revenues: Banatao

Artificial intelligence (AI) can displace a large number of workers in the Business Process Outsourcing industry, Filipino tech pioneer Dado Banatao warned, but it can also allow the country to triple revenues in the sector. If the country does it right, Banatao said, AI will help the Philippines bring BPO revenues to up to $120…