Top Cebu news stories in 2015: politics heats up, traffic worsens, Cebu pulls off successful APEC hosting, economy continues strong growth

SRP Accident. SRP accidents like this one, when a car went up in flames after hitting a motorcycle, has forced the City Government to impose strict safety measures at the area. (Photo by Jojo Abcede)

With 2016 being an election year, local politicians started bracing for a showdown and jockeying for positions in 2015. Alliances were forged, strengthened, and, for some, broken.

Mandaue to test 1-way traffic on some roads; Rama to investigate P4,244 per bottle rubbing alcohol buy – Cebu News Digest: July 13, 2015

MANDAUE TRAFFIC PLAN. Mandaue traffic officials are proposing the designation of some streets in Mandaue City for one-way traffic.

Mandaue City is considering a 60-day dry run of a traffic plan that will have some roads designated for one-way traffic in an effort to ease the gridlock in the city. A resolution authorizing the traffic experiment is being finalized and will be sponsored by Councilor Elstone Dabon, who is the chair of the committee…

Cebu News Digest: March 7, 2015: Taxi flagdown rate reduced to P30 starting Mar. 9; Tiu open to settlement in Ungab case, wants apology; Road repairs may not be finished by APEC events in August

The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) ordered a P10 cut in the flagdown rate for taxis nationwide.

The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) ordered the drop of the flagdown rate for taxis nationwide from P40 to P30 starting Monday. Commuters welcome the move but taxi operators plan to go to court to stop the rollback. Lawyer Jiecel Tiu, according to her spokesperson lawyer Rex Fernandez, is amenable to enter into…