Kalanggaman Island boasts of powder fine sand, clean sea

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Published on May 23, 2013
Kalanggaman has a long stretch of powder fine white sand.
Kalanggaman has a long stretch of powder fine white sand.

Around 400 foreign tourists in a cruise ship that stopped by Kalanggaman Island in Palompon, Leyte were so blown away they stayed for 12 hours.

Powder fine white beach. Clean sea. Long, long sandbar. This in a nutshell is Kalanggaman, an uninhabited island between the northern Cebu mainland and Leyte.

Locals call it paradise and they’re not far off the mark.

Kalanggaman Island

Kalanggaman Island is about a two-hour boat ride from the Alegre Beach Resort, which offers trips to the island either as part of your accommodation or as a separate package. Alegre is in the town of Sogod in northern Cebu.

Overnight stays are possible in Kalanggaman Island and tourists may stay at any of the few native huts that the municipality had decided to build there. The best option, however, is for visitors to bring and set up their own tents for the night.

A view of Kalanggaman Island from our motorized outrigger boat.
A view of Kalanggaman Island from our motorized outrigger boat.

If you’re coming from Palompon in Leyte, contact the local government’s Office of Eco-tourism headed by Engr. Cleofe P. Rivera through mobile number 0917-303-7267 or send email to [email protected]

For food, guests can buy from the fresh catch of local fishermen and cook this at Kalanggaman’s grilling stations. Tables or open cottages are available for a fee.

Alegre package

Our trip to Kalanggaman Island is courtesy of Smart Communications Inc. and comes as part of our accommodations package at Alegre Beach Resort in Sogod, Cebu.

Alegre provided food and drinks and a crew to take care of the cooking and the serving. It was wonderful to be waited on hand and foot. We had greens, grilled seafood and pork, and fruits.

Swimming in the clean sea was heavenly. Since it was very hot, we swam in the shadow of our boat that was docked close to the sandbar.

Waves are strong on one side of the island and the sea gets deep easily so follow the swimming guides in Kalanggaman.

Visitors coming from Leyte should also not travel between noon to 3 pm if they don’t want to experience a rocky boat ride, according to an advisory from the local government of Palompon.

Marlen Limpag

By Marlen Limpag

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