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  • Rizal Memorial Library and Museum

    Rizal Memorial Library

    Along the modern urbanscape of Osmena Blvd. stands the pre-World War II neo-classical building the Rizal Memorial Library and Museum or commonly known to Cebuanos as the Cebu City Public Library. The structure grew out of contributions from civic-minded residents way back in 1939 and is named after the country’s national hero and multi-talented scholar, […]

  • #TBT: Compañia Maritima or the Shamrock Hotel

    Shamrock Hotel

    We know this building today to be Compañia Maritima, but in the 1930s it operated as the Shamrock Hotel. Built in 1910, this structure named the Fernandez Building had Shamrock at its sole occupant during the 1930s, said Lucy Urgello Miller in her book “Glimpses of Old Cebu: Images of the Colonial Era.” Compañia Maritima […]

  • TBT: Did you know the capitol was once located across Plaza Independencia?

    Before the Cebu Provincial Government transferred to the current location of the Capitol, the provincial governor held office at the Casa de Gobierno or the Casa Provincial across the Plaza Independencia. Lucy Urgello Miller said in her book “Glimpses of Old Cebu: Images of the Colonial Era” that the location of the Casa de Gobierno […]

  • #TBT Cebu Autobus Company

    Cebu Autobus Company

    When in Cebu, the full page advertisement in the Cebu Trade Directory of 1962 said, always take the “Autobus” for safe and comfortable travel. The company, the ad said, was operating buses throughout mainland Cebu. The Cebu Autobus Company was started on April 22, 1926 by W.C. Ogan along with Abdon Capobres, who already had […]

  • #TBT: Old Opon Church or the Nuestra Señora Virgen de Regla parish

    Opon Church

    Since the devotion to her started in Africa, this church’s patron – the Patroness of the Rule of St. Augustine – has been depicted as dark-skinned. Lucy Urgello Miller, in “Glimpses of Old Cebu: Images of the Colonial Era,” wrote that this church’s first parish priest way back in 1735 brought with him an original […]

  • TBT: Fuente Scandal

    Fuente Osmeña history

    It’s hard to imagine today but the Fuente Osmeña circle was considered dangerous in the 1900s because it was far from the city center. Fuelling the fear in that period was what author Lucy Urgello-Miller described in her book “Glimpses of Old Cebu” as a “scandalous, melodramatic case” that happened in the area. On the […]

  • #TBT: Traffic much? Colon traffic and the ‘Best Trafficman of the Year’

    Photo by Jose Martinez. This image is part of the Cebuano Studies Center collection at the University of San Carlos and is used in this site with permission from the center.

    This photo taken in about 1930 shows trafficman Pio Alo manning traffic on Colon Street. According to the information that accompanied this photograph at the Cebuano Studies Center archives, Alo was named “Best Trafficman of the Year” in the year this photo was taken. Alo is shown inside a traffic box that was in use […]

  • San Juan Bautista Parish Church, once Cebu’s most opulent church

    DIONISIO Alo stood seething with anger as authorities tore down the magnificent San Juan Bautista Parish Church in Parian in the late 1870s. “His heart bled with every stone that was removed and all he could do was bite his lips causing them to also bleed,” said Ang Sugbo sa Karaang Panahon: An Annotated Translation […]