Flush out trolls; Governor urges residents to help fight against mosquitoes; MCDB wants school for traffic cops–Cebu News Digest for September 22, 2016.

This is the roundup of stories that came out in local publications today, September 22, 2016.

BURN THEIR HABITAT. A media official suggested that to eliminate trolls, media companies may eliminate comment section.
DON’T FEED THE TROLLS. A media official suggested that to eliminate trolls, media companies may eliminate comment section.

Flush out trolls

In a forum on How to deal with online trolls, one of the activities of the Cebu Press Freedom Week celebration, a speaker said dealing with vicious comments by online trolls is a key challenge for news outlets. To deal with trolls, companies can consider retiring the comments section and shifting discussions to social platforms.

Trolls have become part of the conversation, whether we like it or not. People on social media deserve to air their comments, to be heard. Criticism is encouraged, but not to the point of hurting others. Nini Cabero, Sun.Star Network Exchange editor-in-chief.

Read: Sun.Star Cebu: Let online media be a sphere for consensus, not a toilet bowl for excrement.

Cebu Daily News: Trolls a challenge to true freedom of speech.

Worry about dengue, not Zika

After DOH confirmed the first case of the local transmission of the Zika virus, Gov. Hilario Davide III ordered a clean up drive against chikungunya, dengue fever and Zika, which is all carried by the same mosquito type. Though a DOH official clarified that the Zika virus is only dangerous to pregnant women as it has an effect on the fetus, the agency is still pushing for a clean-up drive to battle the diseases, including dengue, which remains the most dangerous form of mosquito-born disease.

Dengue remains the most dangerous. For quite a long time, we did not have a panic or scare. Don’t be scared of Zika because it’s mild. Dengue has a vaccine…We’re asking everyone, especially in our homes, to please throw away empty containers that may accumulate water. Include in your cleaning all your downspouts, kitchen pit traps and restrooms...DOH Region 7 director Dr. Jaime Bernadas.

Read: Sun.Star Cebu: Cebu Province, DOH to conduct clean-up drive vs. mosquitoes.

Cebu Daily News: Cebu City Health department to put up preventive measures vs. Zika.

Metro Cebu Board wants school for traffic enforcers

The Metro Cebu Development and Coordinating Board and Tesda 7 will create the Metro Cebu Traffic Enforcement Academy, an agency that hopes to professionalize traffic enforcement in Metro Cebu. The MCTEA is expected to start with its first batch next year and unlike the present job-order traffic enforcers, the graduates of the school will have benefits and will have a chance of becoming regular employees of the LGU.

We all know that most traffic enforcers in Metro Cebu are job order employees and they do not enjoy the full benefits required by law. We want to make sure that as we move forward, our efforts on traffic regulations and enforcements are well-coordinated. People don’t see boundaries anymore, whether it’s Mandaue, Cebu City or Lapu-Lapu. Everybody considers it as one Cebu in terms of traffic problems. Lynn GLoria Madrona of the MCDCCB.

Read: Cebu Daily News: Metro Cebu hopes to improve standard of traffic management with school for enforcers.

Freeman: School for traffic enforcers sought for Metro Cebu

Other Cebu News.

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Government officials urges local media to report on ‘poor brothers and sisters’

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Labella urges executive branch to include welfare of animals in closure plan for zoo

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Seek Council OK before dealing with CPA

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Big-time pusher falls in shootout with Toledo police

➤ The Freeman: Task force nab ship with sharks

➤ The Freeman: Private individuals who are Tomas allies and issue public documents may be guilty of usurpation of authority

➤ Cebu Daily News: Only registered Mandaue City residents can avail of relocation

➤ Cebu Daily News: Students revisit Martial Law era to avoid revisionism

➤ Cebu Daily News: Ombudsman dismisses sea marshalls’ complaint vs. Sta. Fe mayor

➤ Cebu Daily News: Alcover urges Mining Board to probe quarrying in city barangays


Cebu Business News

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: DTI official assures latest Duterte tirade won’t affect EU-PH relations

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Tsunieshi unveils hybrid cars in Balamban

➤ Cebu Daily News: Demand grows for innovative architectural designs


Cebu Sports News

➤ The Freeman: Emils ball club boosts Macrohon fiesta

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Cebuana confident of winning medal in world poomsae event

➤ Cebu Daily News: Cebu press workers hold Press Freedom Run


Cebu Opinion

➤ The Freeman Editorial: Most workshops are nothing but junkets

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Zoos may be a prison but animals shouldn’t be treated as junk yard items

➤ Cebu Daily News: Why is it necessary to rebuild Cebu Medical Center

➤ Cherry Ballescas: Never forget what happened in Martial Law

➤ Josephus Jimenez: US-PH relations not perfect, but US stood by us

➤ Bobit Avila: De Lima exposed as a narco-politician

➤ Jojo Bersales: Why the Marcos dictatorship failed

➤ Publio Briones: Closure may bode well for Cebu City zoo

➤ Bong Wenceslao: What caused de Lima’s downfall?

➤ Pachico Seares: Recognize and act on danger of ‘recurring Martial Law’

➤ Frank Malilong: Despite numerous arrests, why do people still make bomb jokes?


Gunmen hits 3-year-old in the leg in shooting attempt at pusher; DOH confirms Zika case in Cebu; Cebu City implements new garbage scheme–Cebu News Digest for September 21, 2016.

This is the roundup of stories that came out in local publications today, September 21, 2016.

POLICE PROMISE.  This file foto shows police checking on a victim of one of the shooting incidents in Cebu. The police has promised to probe the case of a 3-year-old girl in Consolacion, who was hit when gunmen opened fire on a suspected pusher.
POLICE PROMISE. This file foto shows police checking on a victim of one of the shooting incidents in Cebu. The police has promised to probe the case of a 3-year-old girl in Consolacion, who was hit when gunmen opened fire on a suspected pusher.

Gunmen hits 3-year-old in Consolacion drive by shooting

Three assailants on a motorcycle hit a suspected drug pusher and a three-year-old during a shooting incident in Consolacion. Michael Molina was hit several times while standing near a barbecue stand during the assualt and is now in critical condition during the Monday night assault. The three-year-old girl was hit in the leg and was admitted to the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center, where the slug was removed.

There are no vigilantes in town…His relatives told me that he went back to the illegal drug trade. He did not listen to their advice. Consolacion police chief Senior Insp. William Homoc.

Read: Sun.Star Cebu: 3 assailants hit confessed pusher, 3-year-old in Consolacion.

Cebu Daily News: Child gets hit in the leg in drive-by shooting in Consolacion


TV5 Cebu workers lose jobs; Cebuana Olympian loses spot in national team; Another family-run cyberporn operation discovered in Cordova–Cebu News Digest for September 9, 2016.

This is the roundup of stories that came out in local publications today, September 9, 2016.

GOODBYE. TV5 journalists surprise their viewers after announcing the telecast last September 8 was to be their last. (Photo from Glen Soco's Facebook page)
GOODBYE. TV5 journalists surprise their viewers after announcing the telecast last September 8 was to be their last. (Photo from Glen Soco’s Facebook page)

Cebu journalists mull case after Aksyon Bisaya closure

AKSYON Bisaya aired their last episode yesterday due to cost-cutting measures of TV 5. Reporter LEsley Caminade-Vestil said Aksyon Bisaya was dissolved but the reporters will still gather breaking news for their national broadcast. There was also no termination of services but an offer of separation of benefits.

Another TV5 staff, who requested anonymity, told Sun.Star Cebu they are thinking of filing a complaint against the management before the Department of Labore and Employment as they suspect the move of the management was done to avoid complying with President Rodrigo Duterte’s order to end contractualization. Downsizing meant TV5 management won’t have to hire them as regular employees.

It was so sudden that I feel for the employees. Glen Soco, TV 5 news anchor.

Read: Sun.Star Cebu: TV5 staff mulls labor case against management.


Sue Stinky Cebu City; Reporter accuses Lapu police of threatening him; USC eyes rehab of Tejero creek

This is the roundup of stories that came out in local publications today, September 8, 2016.

Stinky Cebu? Sue City Hall

AN official of the Department of Environment nad Natural Resources told residents and businessmen affected by the stench of the Inayawan landfill that they can sue the CEbu City government for violating Republict Act 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management ACt of 2001.

Engr. Marco Andrew Silveron, chief of the Solid Waste Management Section of EMB 7, said RA 9003 requires LGUs to implement solid waste management programs and the closure of open dumpsites.

If residents living there are affected by the dumpsite’s operations, they have the right to file a complaint against the LGU if they fail to implement the law. Engr. Marco Andrew Silveron.

Read: Sun.Star Cebu:  DENR says residents can sue Cebu City for violating law on open dumpsite.

Related: Freeman: Cebu City lawyer says Mayor Osmena has final say on Inayawan closure.

Cebu Daily News: Labella to seek new, cheaper deal with private landfill in Consolacion.


Cebu now Stinky City of the South; Dawn fire kills 3 in Mandaue; Davide, Garcia exchange charges over provincial jail–Cebu News Digest for September 2, 2016.

This is the roundup of stories that came out in local publications today September 2, 2016.

WELCOME TO THE STINKY CITY OF THE SOUTH.  Students of UC use face mask to ward off the foul stench of the Inayawan dumpsite.  (Foto from Nuel Crucio's Facebook page)
WELCOME TO THE STINKY CITY OF THE SOUTH. Students of UC use face mask to ward off the foul stench of the Inayawan dumpsite. (Foto from Nuel Crucio’s Facebook page)

Stinky dumpsite leads to 60 percent drop in sales

RESIDENTS, students and workers near the reopened Inayawan landfill are complaining of the foul smell of the dumpsite. With Cebu City councilors still debating on the dump site operations, members of the business community have sought the help of Presidential Assistant for the Visayas Michael Dino, who will raise the matter with the Department of Environment. Businessmen reported a 60 percent slide in sales when the dumpsite reopened.

I know it’s really bad. But you know, the anapog (limestone) will help. But the council is sitting on that because the council wants us to spend P20 million a month to help the Consolacion dumpsite. I will not help them. We’re not going to clsoe it. We’re going to try to mitigate the smell. They will spray it. Cebu City mayor Tomas Osmena.

I will probably deliver a privilege speech or I will file a reso immediate closure of the landfill but I’ll give them 15 days to look for another alternative kung aha ilabay. Cebu City Councilor Joel Garganera.

Read: Cebu Daily News: Tomas blames Council for sitting on ‘anti-stench’ solution for stinky dumpsite.

Sun.Star Cebu: Osmena cites P20 million monthly expenses in reopening of Inayawan dumpsite.

Freeman: UC students wear masks to battle Inayawan stench.


War on crime a boost for tourism; BPI says sorry for confusing notice; Bully cop finally surrenders–Cebu News Digest for August 31, 2016.

This is the roundup of stories that came out in local publications today, August 31.

SAFE DESTINATION. While acknowledging that the war on drugs has led to mixed reviews abroad, local tourism players say it also promotes the Philippines as a safe destination.
SAFE DESTINATION. While acknowledging that the war on drugs has led to mixed reviews abroad, local tourism players say it also promotes the Philippines as a safe destination.

Reduced crime rate a boost to tourism industry

THOUGH the Philippines maybe getting mixed reviews on its intensified war on drugs, tourism stakeholders say the reduction of the crime rate will boost the country’s image as a safe destination.

Efren Belarmino of Plantation Bay and Jonathan Aldeguer of the Island Groups say tourists put a premium on safety when they choose their destinations and an intensified campaign by the police force will make the tourists feel secured. However, another industry player says the killings will leave a negative impression on the country.

The fact that crime rate is down by at least 40 percent should be reassuring enough that the Philippines today is becoming safer and safer to visit. Now how the local and international media interprets drug-related killings will be critical. Right now, we are getting mixed reviews abroad. Generally however, I feel that peace and order will be more evident under this administration in the next few months and will surely be a big boost to tourism. Jonathan Jay Aldeguer of the Islands Group.

Somehow, these extrajudicial killings have an impact on international tourism. Killings, no matter how good the intention, always leave a negative impression. Cebu Association Tour Operators president Edilberto Mendoza Jr.

Read: Sun.Star Cebu: Reduced crime rate a big boost to local tourism industry.


Son of former Maasin City mayor nabbed in Cebu drug bust; Alcover files 4 charges vs. Tomas; Lapu-Lapu puts up jobs program for drug users–Cebu News Digest for August 25, 2016.

This is the roundup of stories and columns that came out in local publications today, August 25, 2016.

NEW TUNE. Roderic Espina, who reportedly bragged to hotel staff of his connection to Kerwin Espinosa, cries and cites marital differences as his reason for staying in a pension inn, where he was arrested for drugs. (Photo from Kevin Lagunda's twitter account)
NEW TUNE. Roderic Espina, who reportedly bragged to hotel staff of his connection to Kerwin Espinosa, cries and cites marital differences as his reason for staying in a pension inn, where he was arrested for drugs. (Photo from Kevin Lagunda’s twitter account)

Son of former Maasin City mayor brags about Kerwin connection, gets nabbed

Cebu cops scored another big time pusher after nabbing Roderic James Palermo Espina, the son of former Maasin City mayor Edgarino Espina and a suspected cohort of drug lordo n the run KErwin Espinsoa. Kerwin is the son of current Albuera Leyte mayor Rolando. Chief Supt. Noli Talino of the PRO 7 said Espina reportedly smuggled drugs into Cebu and has been paying P20,000 a month since February to stay in a pension house.

Management at the inn started suspecting Espina after he refused staff to clean his room and after he bragged that he knew Espinosa, who has been on the run since being named by Duterte.

The police got information from someone and we verified it. And then Bingo! We got him…Kerwin’s cohorts transfer from one place to another so that the police would have a hard time tracking their whereabouts. It’s possible some of them are hiding in Cebu from Leytel;. WE were supposed to conduct a drug bust operation. But he opened the door and there were contraband found inside his room. Of course, the police can arrest him. PRO 7 director Chief Supt. Noli Talino.

Read: Cebu Daily News: Loose lip lands son of former mayor in jail.

Sun.Star Cebu: Suspicious management seeks help of cops on client who bragged about Kerwin connection

Freeman: Careless pusher falls in drug bust in Lorega inn.


Tomas visits PNP; Soldiers needed in Cebu; Two ex-department heads reassigned to City jail–Cebu News Digest for August 23, 2016.

This is the roundup of stories that came out in local publications today, August 23, 2016.

TOMAS AND HIS COLONELS. Cebu City mayor Tomas Osmena with Colonels Red Derilo and George Ylanan, whose transfers led to a souring of his relationship with the PNP heirarchy. (Photo from Tomas Osmena's FB page)
TOMAS AND HIS COLONELS. Cebu City mayor Tomas Osmena with Colonels Red Derilo and George Ylanan, whose transfers led to a souring of his relationship with the PNP heirarchy. (Photo from Tomas Osmena’s FB page)

Is Tomas rift with PNP over?

There seems to be a thawing in the testy relationship between the local police and the Cebu City mayor after Tomas Osmena dropped by the regional headquarters for a brief visit during the 115th Police Service Anniversary celebration.
Osmena withdrew his support from the local police after some personnel were reassigned without him getting informed and in return, the National Police Commission stripped him of his authority over police matters.

I consider him as a friend. It’s a good sign na nagpunta siya dito. Kahit ako imbitahin niya ako pupunta naman ako. PRO 7 director Chief Supt. Noli Talino.

Osmena did not stay for the speech of Presidential Assistant Michael Dino, who said President Duterte is aware of the conflict between the local police and Tomas.

You are worried because more than 50 firearms were withdrawn. Worry no more as President Duterte has instructed to give Cebu City’s police force a number of firearms. President Assistant for the Visayas Michael Dino.

Read: Sun.Star Cebu: Tomas drops by PNP 7 office but misses Dino’s speech on DU30 giving local cop more firearms

Cebu Daily News: Tomas visits PRO 7 HQ but informs Talino he can’t attend ceremony at PRO 7 HQ

Freeman: Presidential assistant assures Cebu cops that Duterte will take care of their needs


Cebu Gov. Davide in “honor” list of governors helping government fight drugs

Cebu Gov. Hilario Davide III is among the 10 governors to be recognized by the Duterte administration for helping the government in the fight against drugs.

Interior Secretary Ismael Sueno submitted the list to President Duterte, according to a Philippine Daily Inquirer report. The list was submitted “ahead of President Duterte’s plan to name in public the second batch of elected officials, judges and policemen with alleged links to the narcotics trade,” the report said.

Gov. Hilario Davide III
RECOGNIZED. Cebu Gov. Hilario Davide III during one of Capitol’s medical missions. According to a report, Davide will be recognized as among the governors in the country helping the government fight drugs. (Photo from the Cebu Provincial Government Facebook page)

The governors who will be recognized along with Davide are Governors Imee Marcos of Ilocos Norte, Faustino Dy III of Isabela, Junie Cua of Quirino, Jose Alvarez of Palawan, Eduardo Firmalo of Romblon, Alfredo Marañon of Negros Occidental, Edgardo Chatto of Bohol, Daisy Avance-Fuentes of South Cotabato and Ma. Angelica Rosedell Amante-Matba of Agusan del Norte.

Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar confirmed to the Philippine Daily Inquirer that Sueno had submitted the list to Malacañang.

Sueno said the governors were chosen by the DILG in a 3-stage screening process that started with 41 names that were trimmed to 25 before the 10 were picked. In choosing the 10, an official told the screeners, “When in doubt, don’t give any recommendation at all.”


Inayawan dumpsite raises health alarm; LTFRB 7, LTO 7 heads hope to keep jobs; Some PWDs fail to get cash aid–Cebu News Digest for August 22, 2016.

This is the roundup of top Cebu news stories today, August 22, 2016.

Inayawan dumpsite brings trouble to residents

Residents in Inayawan have reported the unusual presence of large flies and repulsive smell since the dumpsite was reopened. The smell, the residents suspect, may be due to the reaction of the garbage to the chemicals dumped in the area.

It is extremely unpleasant and hurts my nostrils every time I breath. It was like someone poured painful acid through my nose and throat. It really hurts and sometimes, it can trigger headaches. Inayawan resident Cheryl Oquimas.

We all know that the landfill has reached its maximum capacity, so why still throw our garbage there? I’m really worried about the halth of people living nearby, especially the children. Angie, Inayawan resident.

Read: Cebu Daily News: Residents cite health hazards in reopening of Inayawan dumpsite.

CASE. Cebu City councilor Joel Garganera plans to file a case against DENR officials for failing to act on the complaints of residents of Inayawan. (Photo from Joel Garganera's FB account)
CASE. Cebu City councilor Joel Garganera plans to file a case against DENR officials for failing to act on the complaints of residents of Inayawan. (Photo from Joel Garganera’s FB account)

Cebu Daily News: Inayawan odor drives away clients of restaurant in SRP

Despite blanket dismissal, regional heads of LTFRB, LTO want to stay

AFTER President Rodrigo Duterte issued a blanket dismissal on all presidential appointees, especially in the LTFRB and LTO, the regional heads are hoping the steps they have undertaken to fight corruption is enough to keep them in their jobs. Duterte called out the two agencies as the most corrupt and said all appointees should consider themselves fired.

For transactions like franchise renewal, we now strictly require the operators themselves to personally file their applications. If they are unable to do so, only their immediate family members or legal counsel may represent them. Lastly, we are tightly monitoring the individual performance of our personnel to ensure that they comply with office rules and regulations on punctuality and efficiency. LTFRB 7 head Ahmed Cuizon.

Read: Sun.Star Cebu: LTO and LTRFB regional heads hope to keep jobs.

Cebu Daily News: Defiant ‘corrupt’ agencies earn Digong’s ire.

Freeman: LTFRB 7 head waits for order regarding relief.

Confusion leads to delayed cash aid

Confusion over the distribution of cash aid led to 160 PWDs failing to get their cash aid from City Hall during the distribution last Sunday. Duljo-Fatima Gender and Development officer Reynate Langi said most of the PWDs in their barangay lined up as early as 5:30 a.m. but failed to get their cash aid.

If it weren’t for the news, we’d never know. We were told that the barangay mayor’s office is in charge now. Duljo-Fatima GAD point person Reynante Langi.

It’s the barangay personnel who told the PWDs that the activity was cancelled. They misled the PWDs because the point person is no longer incumbent. You already know why. DSWS officer-in-charge Lea Japson.

Read: Sun.Star Cebu: Change in distribution delays cash aid to PWDs.

Cebu Daily News: DSWS head accused Duljo Fatima official of sabotaging aid for PWDs

Other Cebu News

» Sun.Star Cebu: San Nicolas fire destroys homes of 32 families

» Sun.Star Cebu: PUJ drivers who will be displaced by BRT to get free training from Tesda

» Sun.Star Cebu: Local congressmen differ on postponement of SK elections

» Sun.Star Cebu: Cebuanos differ on Ninoy’s legacy

» Sun.Star Cebu: Lapu-Lapu cops nab 4 with P2.3M shabu in bust

» Sun.Star Cebu: Minglanilla warns of heavy traffic in fiesta celebration

» The Freeman: Residents discover headless corpse in Lapu-Lapu

» The Freeman: Peter Lim denies link to Kerwin Espinosa, blasts Albuerta cop chief

» The Freeman: DOH 7 to open drug rehab program in September

» Cebu Daily News: Lapu cop hunts shabu supplier who escaped bust

» Cebu Daily News: Rough sea delays vessel’s docking by 3 hours

» Cebu Daily News: Slain drug lord, partner laid to rest

Cebu Business News

» Sun.Star Cebu: DOLE hopes half of contractual laborers in PHL will become regular employees at the end of 2016

» Sun.Star Cebu: Montebello eyes P100 million expansion

» The Freeman: Expert say PHL stock exchange to trade near 8,000 this week

» Cebu Daily News: Presidential assistant says Visayas flights’ transfer to Clark is certain

» Cebu Daily News: Cargo forwarders see growth with more flights to Cebu


Cebu Sports News

» Sun.Star Cebu: Traya falls short in international debut, loses WBC title shot

» The Freeman: Nietes, Magsayo arrive in US for Pinoy Pride

» Cebu Daily News: SWU, UV stay unbeaten in Cesafi after weekend matches

Cebu Opinion

» The Freeman Editorial: How about presuming regularity in favor of Cops?

» Cebu Daily News Editorial: Duterte and De Lima; down and downright dirty

» Sun.Star Cebu Editorial: Let’s promote breastfeeding

» Gloria Estenzo Ramos: DENR secretary involves constituents in decision making

» Bong Wenceslao: Book traces history of Cebuano cinema

» Atty. Pachico Seares: Decency and the presidency

» Bobby Nalzaro: MCIAA lot deal claimant shows she is not fictitious

» Anol Mongaya: Tomas fires back at Bato

» Korina Sanchez: Let’s all take a deep breath

» Jerry Tundag: De Lima gets a dose of her own medicine

» Atty. Josephus Jimenez: Death penalty, yes, but not divorce


Tomas wants police powers back; Dengue cases in Region 7 increase by 151 percent; City Hall cancels allowance for jail officials–Cebu News Roundup for August 18, 2016.

This is the roundup of stories that came out in local publications today, August 18, 2016.


Tomas denies cutting support to PNP, wants authority back

CEBU City mayor Tomas Osmena denied pulling out support from the police and said he will ask the National Police Commission to reconsider its withdrawal of his operational command and control over the local police. Osmena, who withdrew his support to the PNP after he felt slighted that he wasn’t consulted in the replacement of the city and regional PNP head, also denied withdrawing his support to the PNP. He said he hasn’t withdrawn any support because he hasn’t given any. The mayor also said his order recalling the vehicles assigned to the police was “misinterpreted” and that he did not plan to recall the vehicles.

You have to analyze precisely what is ibalik. So, sa ato pa, I pulled it out? I did not pull out anything. What did I pull out? Cebu City mayor Tomas Osmena.

Read: Sun.Star Cebu: Tomas denies withdrawing support to PNP, wants police powers back.

Cebu Daily News: Napolcom to Tomas; Only Duterte can restore police powers

Related: Cebu Daily News: Cebu City Police Office returns vehicles to City Hall, which denies issuing recall order

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Cebu Daily News story July 28–Tomas to recall police vehicles.

Sun.Star Cebu July 22 story: Tomas recalls police’s guns

Central Visayas reports 151 percent increase in dengue cases

Dengue cases in Central Visayas reached 9,372 in the first eight months of this year, a steep increase from the 5,632 cases last year. The number of fatalities also increased to 81 from 19 last year. Cebu City reported the highest number with 1,331 cases resulting to seven deaths, while Mandaue City is second with 415 cases and nine deaths.

Manglimpyo gyud ilabi na og mouwan ug moinit. Mao gyud na ang ganahan sa mga lamok. Dr. Nino Ismale Pastor, Cebu Province Health Office head.

Read: Sun.Star Cebu: Central Visayas dengue cases spike to 9,372 from 5,632

City Hall cuts stipend for jail officials

Mayor Tomas Osmena has ordered City Hall to cut the incentive allowance given to BJMP officials after a raid last week discovered drugs, cash and other contraband in the city jail. Under the 2016 budget, 200 officers assigned to the BJMP receive P4,000 monthly from city hall, a total of P9.6 million per year.

I’m going to cancel the allowances of the BJMP as soon as possible. What we are providing to BJMP is an incentive allowance..that’s the money of the people of Cebu City and it’s not serving its purpose, considering what transpired. Cebu City mayor Tomas Osmena.

Read: Sun.Star Cebu: Tomas cancels jail officers’ allowance, says personnel can’t pretend not to know of illegal trade

Related News: Cebu Daily News: Former capitol jail consultant admits CPDRC charges P30/hr for conjugal room, defends move as ‘legal’

Sun.Star Cebu: New city jail warden appeals for help as 100 inmates fall ill to tuberculosis.

Other Cebu News.

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Father and son tandem nabbed in drug raid by PDEA 7, local police in Naga

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: No surprises, drug pusher killed in shootout with cops

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: PRO 7 forms task force to probe death of cop who linked ex-generals in drug trade

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Osmena revives Task Force Alpha to help solve traffic problem in city

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Quisumbing turns over brand new patrol vehicles to Mandaue City police

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Losing bidder sues Davide, Capitol after getting denied to join bidding for medical supplies

➤ The Freeman: Capitol wants V-Hire to gain access to South Bus terminal

➤ The Freeman: Lapu-Lapu City appeals for non-food donations for fire victims

➤ The Freeman: Dole 7 head wants all contractual employees to be regular employees by 2017

➤ The Freeman: Expert warns corporal punishment can cause trauma on kids

➤ Cebu Daily News: Radaza wants ban on refilled butane canisters imposed

➤ Cebu Daily News: Cordova vice mayor resigns post after getting Malacanang appointment

➤ Cebu Daily News: Mandaue City Hall receives reports carton girls back at reclamationa area

➤ Cebu Daily News: DepEd to issue memo regarding ban of Pokemon Go in public schools


Cebu Business News

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Former BPO employee now operates own BPO company

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Business leaders support move to end contractualization

➤ The Freeman: European chamber wants restrictions on foreign investors eased to foster competition

➤ The Freeman: Employers urged to treat workers as trade partners, give them security of tenure

➤ Cebu Daily News: Company targets millennials for ‘cleanergy’ products


Cebu Sports News

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Hidilyn Diaz to visit Cebu City

➤ The Freeman: SWU Cobras face USPF, eye share of Cesafi lead

➤ Cebu Daily News: Canares, Omega Sports part ways

Cebu Opinion

➤ Sun.Star Cebu Editorial: Why create another ‘neighborhood watch’ when you have tanods?

➤ The Freeman Editorial: Duterte’s tax reform program corrects defect by creating another

➤ Cebu Daily News Editorial: Butane industry prioritizes profit over safety

➤ Jojo Bersales: The two golden ages of Cebu Cinema

➤ Sofia Alino Logarta: Hidilyn Diaz brings us joy with Olympic triumph

➤ Atty. Josephus Jimenez: With thousands of contractual, underpaid workers in government, it must make first step

➤ Bobit Avila: Government shifts gears, targets famous personalities in drug war

➤ Bong Wenceslao: Personal experience shows jail wardens eventually succumb to corruption

➤ Atty. Cheking Seares: Blood and casualties in drug war are all too real

➤ Elias Espinoza: Government should stop promoting crooks

➤ Publio Briones: Jail officials looking out for their own


Capitol eyes ban on Pokemon Go; BOPK, Team Rama clash over cash aid to seniors; PDEA says pushers in jails sell 1 kilo a week–Cebu News Digest for August 17, 2016.

This is the roundup of stories that came out in local publications today, August 17 2016.

NOT SAFE. Pokemon Go players stay at Ayala Center Cebu past the mall's closing time of 10 p.m. Citing the game is inherently dangerous, the Provincial Board wants it banned in school premises all over the province. (Photo from Pokemon Go Cebu FB page)
PB WANTS BAN. Pokemon Go players stay at Ayala Center Cebu past the mall’s closing time of 10 p.m. Citing the game is inherently dangerous, the Provincial Board wants it banned in school premises all over the province. (Photo from Pokemon Go Cebu FB page)

Capitol wants schools to ban ‘dangerous Pokemon Go’

STUDENTS who love the latest online craze Pokemon Go may have to wait to get home before they get to play the game as the Cebu Provincial Board is eyeing a ban on the game in school premises. The board passed a resolution last Monday asking the Department of Education to issue a memo regarding the ban, saying the “havoc” associated with the game.

Pokemon Go has already created havoc, even in just few weeks of its release, linking to incidents like robbery of gadgets, a man falling to an alley in an effort to capture the character, and a man was even shot and killed while playing the game in the US. The province of Cebu could not afford to wait for incidents of similar nature to be happening to young children, hence there is an urgent need to ban the playing of Pokemon Go within school premises.  Board Member Glen Bercede in his resolution proposing the Pokemon Go ban.

Read: Freeman: Capitol cites ‘urgent need’ to ban Pokemon Go in schools.

Team Rama, BOPK clash over financial aid.

A Cebu City councilor is questioning City Hall’s plan to distribute the P2,000 financial aid to senior citizens in private residences by private individuals and not through the barangays. Councilor Jose Daluz said he wants City Hall to follow the ordinance on the financial aid and not distribute it by other means as it would put the city funds–and the disbursing officers–at risk.

We have a valid ordinance. The distribution of the financial assistance is sourced from public funds, thus it should be given in areas which are public in character like barangay halls, sports complexes or schools. Why would a private citizen be involved in the giving of the cash aid? Councilor Jose Daluz III.

Read: Sun.Star Cebu: Team Rama accuses BOPK of politicizing financial aid to seniors.

Freeman: Tomas revokes Labella’s memo on cash aid, cash aid to seniors no longer coursed through barangays

Brisk business: PDEA says drug trade in jail worth 1 kilo a week.

PDEA 7 director Yogi Filemon Ruiz says the sale of drugs in jail is so brisk that pushers can dispose as much as one kilo a week. PDEA 7 says it has identified the personalities behind the drug trade, while the new warden said he will be enacting more changes to flush out drugs in the facility.

We have 500 to 1,000 visitors a day. One of the ways to control the entry of contraband is to limit the number of visitors so there will be thorough inspections. Supt. Jessie Calumpang, Cebu City jail warden who replaced the sacked Supt. Johnson Calub.

Read: Sun.Star Cebu: PDEA 7 says syndicate in Cebu City Jail sells 1 kilo of shabu a week

Related: Cebu Daily News: New warden to correct lapses, vows to stop drug trade in jail.

Cebu Daily News: Acting provincial jail warden resigns from post; Gov. Davide sits as acting warden.

Other Cebu News

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: PNP probes links of slain cop to Loot, Garbo

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Liloan stops cargo vessel that anchored in marine sanctuary from leaving

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Monday night blaze destroys 130 houses in dense area of Barangay Pusok

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Duterte asked not to divert all flights from the Visayas to Clark

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Toledo judge grants conditional release of Tiamzon, Austria

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: City council asks Tomas to reconsider stance on police aid

➤ The Freeman: Talisay, Cebu eye ordinance to regulate sale of butane canisters

➤ The Freeman: Cheques worth P4.5 million issued to cops, officials found in residence of Albuera mayor; PNP suspects cheques are payola of ‘drug lord’

➤ Cebu Daily News: FB photos trigger DENR probe on alleged oil spill in Alegria

➤ Cebu Daily News: Tomas has to go to Duterte if he wants police control back

➤ Cebu Daily News: CHR says number of casualties in drug war has risen to 132

Cebu Business News

➤ The Freeman: Visa firm expands base as Canada increase target of immigrants to 305,000

➤ The Freeman: State firm eyes national registry of credit data in early 2017

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Sugbu Mercado draws crowd in second location in Ayala

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: European chamber reminds DU30: ‘Business is watching you.’

➤ Cebu Daily News: Expert says federalism will be useless if there is still corruption in government.


Cebu Sports News

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Donnie Nietes, 34, hopes to dominate flyweight division

➤ The Freeman: University of Cebu stuns Ateneo de Cebu, stays undefeated in Cesafi


Cebu Opinion

➤ Cebu Daily News editorial: Bull-headed Duterte needs to tone down his words

➤ The Freeman Editorial: Gross mismanagement hounds Cebu’s penal system

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Capitol should rethink plan on Provincial Jail management

➤ Bobit Avila: Transfers to other areas won’t change corrupt cops

➤ Korina Sanchez: What’s in a name? Change Libingan ng Bayani

➤ Jerry S. Tundag: Where Marcos ends up buried won’t change situation for pro and anti Marcos

➤ Atty. Josephus Jimenez: San Miguel issues statement with huge P1 billion donation to government

➤ Raymund Fernandez: Truth, the latest casualty in the war on drugs

➤ Bong Wenceslao: CPP makes two crucial moves

➤ Eddie Barrita: Business is good in Cebu City Jail’s drug trade

➤ Bobby Nalzaro: Still on the MCIAA lot deal, whistle blower answers airport lawyer

➤ Orlando Carvajal: Supreme Court must speed up justice system


Tabal recalls Olympic ordeal; BJMP suspects women smuggle drugs in jail; Tomas decides not to recall police vehicles–Cebu News Digest for August 16, 2016.

This is the roundup of stories that came out in local publications today, August 16, 2016.

NOT A QUITTER. Mary Joy Tabal told herself she had never quit in a race and refused to quit on her first Olympic stint.
NOT A QUITTER. Mary Joy Tabal told herself she had never quit in a race and refused to quit on her first Olympic stint.

No Joy in quitting

CEBUANO Olympian Mary Joy Tabal said she almost gave up near the finish line in the Rio Olympics but refused to quit just so the Philippines wouldn’t see a DNF next to its name. Tabal, who was aiming for a 2:40 finish, crossed the finish line in Rio at a pedestrian 3 hours, two minutes and 27 second for 124th place. Twenty-four other runners failed to finish the event.

At the 32K, I felt that it was too painful already and I said I will stop now. But my coach, who was pacing outside the course, screamed at me saying that all of us participants are in pain. This is the Olympics….When I was in the last 3K, another runner collapsed. I just prayed that I won’t collapse because I am almost there. Mary Joy Tabal.

Read: Sun.Star Cebu: Joy shows never-say-die spirit.

Cebu Daily News: Coach to Joy in Olympics: Every one’s in pain, don’t stop!

Sun.Star Cebu: Diaz lauds ‘ate Joy;’ Cebuano runners, triathletes praise tough marathoner

Sun.Star Cebu: Philippine Sports Commission willing to support Tabal if she aims for Tokyo 2020 slot

Addicts visit city jail to use drugs

In an interesting twist, PRO 7 regional director Noli Talino said drug users voluntarily go to the city jail to use drugs since they feel safer there rather than in the usual places that are continously being subjected to constant raids.

The information we received recently was that shabu was sold at a cheaper price inside the city jail because users fell safe inside. They don’t have to fear arrest. PRO 7 director Noel Talino.

Read: Cebu Daily News: Cops say shabu sold cheaper in jail because users feel safe in facility.

Sun.Star Cebu: BJMP officials suspect women complicit in smuggling of drugs in jail.

Freeman: Capitol blasts inutile jail warden during PB session.

Back from the US, Tomas won’t recall vehicles from cops

The pissing contest between Cebu City mayor Tomas Osmena and the PNP has toned down a bit after the mayor decided not to recall the vehicles issued to the police. The PNP recently stripped Tomas of his deputation authority and removed his three bodyguards.

I’m not inclined to do it because I do not like to compromise the safety of the Cebuanos. Cebu City mayor Tomas Osmena.

Read: Freeman: Osmena changes mind, decides not to recall city-issued vehicles to police.

Other Cebu News

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Druglord’s ma who threatened to kill cops, cries overkill to CHR

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Former SWAT cop with suspected drug ties killed in Bohol

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Capitol not keen on building more rehab centers

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Area hit by fire in Day-as now under state of calamity

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: BRT in Cebu City now a priority project in Digong’s first 100 days

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Osmena to form neighborhood watch in barangays

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Bato orders deeper probe on death of cop who tagged Garbo, Loot as drug protectors

➤ The Freeman: Ma denies son is into drugs, seeks help from CHR

➤ The Freeman: Margot worried over pullout of Tomas’ security escorts

➤ The Freeman: An addict at 8 years old, CPADAO says some minors are now using drugs

➤ Cebu Daily News: Tomas O visits mountain barangays sans police escorts

➤ Cebu Daily News: Rep. Del Mar cries foul over removal of Osmena’s police escorts

➤ Cebu Daily News: Congestion at provincial jail shows need for more prisons

➤ Cebu Daily News: Survivor recalls ordeal in sinking of MV St. Thomas Aquinas

Cebu Business News

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Mactan Airport aims for 8.9 million arrivals in 2016.

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Tinder Box expands, offers more dining concepts

➤ The Freeman: Government must clean own backyard, make first step in ending ‘endo’

➤ The Freeman: Cebuano upstart hopes to convert FB likes to cash

➤ Cebu Daily News: DOLE 7 meets service providers in symposium to end endo

➤ Cebu Daily News: Mandaue chamber president seeks model in making rehab centers a viable investment

Cebu Sports News

➤ Cebu Daily News: 2015 finalists SHS-Ateneo, UC face each other in battle of undefeated teams

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Ateneo de Cebu to field young players in Aboitiz Cup

Cebu Opinion

➤ The Freeman Editorial: How could drug trade proliferate in jail?

Cebu Daily News Editorial: PNP, DU30 send message to Tomas with stripping of police escorts

Sun.Star Cebu: Officials show they mean business in latest raid in jail

Atty. Ian Manticajon: Make democarcy work, live it by example

Leo Lastimosa: Bisan sa away, madayun ang peace talks tali Du30, CPP

➤ Ricky Poca: PNP, Tomas squabble marks new low in relationship between Cebu, Police

➤ Malou Apalisok: The war on drugs not just Digong’s fight

➤ Publio Briones: Jail raid shows laughable security

➤ Nini Cabaero: Manny should think carefully before he speaks again

➤ Atty. Cheking Seares: PNP vs. Tomas, who’s the bully now?


Gutsy finish by Joy in Rio; Cebuanos join protest vs. Marcos burial;Warden, guards relieved–Cebu News Digest for August 15, 2016.

This is the roundup of top Cebu news stories today, August 15, 2016.

APOLOGY NOT NEEDED. Olympian Hidilyn Diaz tries to cheer Mary Joy Tabal up after the Cebuano posted an apology in Facebook.
APOLOGY NOT NEEDED. Olympian Hidilyn Diaz tries to cheer Mary Joy Tabal up after the Cebuano posted an apology in Facebook.

Joy struggles in Rio, but pushes self to finish marathon.

CEBUANA Olympian Mary Joy Tabal, the first Filipina to qualify for the marathon in the Olympics, fell below her target but soldiered on to finish at 124th overall in the women’s marathon in Rio. Tabal, who was aiming for a 2:40 finish, crossed the finish line in 3 hours, 2 minutes and 27 seconds. Her personal best is 2:43.

Read: Sun.Star Cebu: Tabal soldiers on in Rio.

Marcos is not a hero: protesters in Cebu

HUNDREDS of Cebuanos joined a nationwide simultaneous protest against the burial of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos in the Libingan ng Mga Bayani. The Cebu protest, held at the Plaza Independencia, and was one of simultaneous events in Manila and Davao.

President Duterte should acknowledge that we Filipinos are bigger than just one family. If he truly wants peace, he should be able to accept the fact that there are many, many more Filipinos, more than the 16 million who voted for him, who actually do not agree with him on this particular thing. Marissa Puche, values advocate who attended rally in Cebu.

Read: Sun.Star Cebu: Cebuanos join protest against Marcos’ burial in Libingan ng Bayani.

Freeman: Ordinary Cebuanos call on ‘Millenials’ to join protest against Marcos burial.

Cebu Daily News: Veterans of anti-Martial Law movement take the streets again.

Inmates demand for return of money seized during prison raid

Inmates at the Cebu City jail want the P4,653,400 authorities seized during an early morning raid at the Cebu City jail returned, saying these are not drug money. BJMP regionald irector Allan Iral said jail warden Johnsn Calub even called him to intercede on an inmate’s behalf. Iral said that Calub claimed P200,000 was the proceeds of an inmate’s sale of his vehicle.

We will not return it. We will prove that the money was proceeds of the illegal drugs (trade). BJMP regional director Allan Iral.

Read: Freeman: Jail warden intercedes for inmates behalf, wants money returned.

Sun.Star Cebu: Cebu City jail warden sacked after pre-dawn raid yields drugs, millions.

Cebu Daily News: PDEA 7 says the group of slain drug lord Jaguar is behind drug trade in jail.

Cebu Daily News: City jail implements new rules to stop entry of drugs.

Other Cebu News

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Tomas to expand health services

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Retiree hopes to recover after fire razes home

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Official says ban on quarrying hampers construction of houses for Yolanda survivors

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Durano rewards Danao cops for anti-drug ops

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Gunmen strike anew, kills 36-year-old suspected pusher in Minglanilla

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Attorney ka attorney? CIDG nabs man pretending to be a lawyer

➤ The Freeman: Despite cancellation of Sinulog sa Kabataan, Capitol to still give P1.5M aid

➤ The Freeman: Capitol eyes rehab programs for inmates

➤ The Freeman: Department of Social Welfare verifies list of fire victims

➤ Cebu Daily News: Tumulak wants allowance for city jail guards cut off

➤ Cebu Daily News: Loot denies knowing Cordova cop who tagged him in drug trade.

➤ Cebu Daily News: Suicide or not, dead cop’s wife to receive benefits

➤ Cebu Daily News: Tomas to establish neighborhood watch in city

➤ Cebu Daily News: Danao cops on alert after strafing incident


Cebu Business News

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Multi-national companies bat for federalism

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Search engine for insurance, banking products eye PHL market

➤ Freeman: Expert urges millenials to drop ‘old school management’ style

➤ Cebu Daily News: Tour operators urge IronMan organizers to include other sectors

➤ Cebu Daily News: Economist urges exporters to focus on domestic market amidst weak global economy


Cebu Sports News

➤ The Freeman: UV dodges UC upset axe, wins in overtime

➤ Cebu Daily News: Guiseppe rules 18-Under division of Cebu province futsal event

Cebu Opinion

➤ The Freeman Editorial: USA should mind its own business

➤ Cebu Daily News Editorial: Security in Cebu City jail laughably inept

➤ Sun.Star Cebu Editorial: Fight the worse with the best in us

➤ Korina Sanchez: Why did the 1992 FVR-Marcos agreement come out only now?

➤ Jerry Tundag: Dutere is not the horrible man that he gets misunderstood to be

➤ Atty. Josephus Jimenez: Duterte fighting too many battles

➤ Lloyd Suarez: Osmena ug Apura apil sa third batch sa listahan sa drug protector?

➤ Atty. Gloria Estenzo Ramos: Inayawan landfill a symbol of crass materialism

➤ Atty. Pachico Seares: Panelo thinks martial law victims are just casualties

➤ Bobby Nalzaro: Cebu congressman to condemn Napolcom’s move

➤ Anol Mongaya: PNP should reconsider its move to strip Osmena of bodyguards

➤ Leilani Echaves: Nothing heroic about what Marcos did


PNP strips Tomas of police powers; Cops raid Espinosa’s house, finds P88M worth of shabu; Syndicates killing off each other in purge–Cebu News Digest for August 11, 2016.

This is the roundup of top Cebu news stories today, August 11, 2016.

YOUR MOVE, TOMMY. His friendship with Rodrigo Duterte didn't save Tommy Osmena from losing his authority over the police. Napolcom stripped him of his powers for cutting his support to the local police. (Photo from Tommy Osmena's Facebook page)
YOUR MOVE, TOMMY. His friendship with Rodrigo Duterte didn’t save Tommy Osmena from losing his authority over the police. Napolcom stripped him of his powers for cutting his support to the local police. (Photo from Tommy Osmena’s Facebook page)

Tit for tat: PNP fights back, strips Tomas of control over police

After cutting the support for the Cebu City Police Office due to the PNP’s failure to consult him on the replacement of local officials, the National Police Commission has stripped Cebu City mayor Tomas Osmena of his authority over the police. In a Facebook post, Osmena, who is in the US for his annual checkup, said the police is merely reinforcing his point and is stripping him of an authority he never had in the first place.

True to his pronouncement to withdraw his support, Mayor Tomas Osmena had decided to stop giving allowances and rewards to new police officers who were newly assigned….Accordingly, this Commission further declares that the duties, obligations, powers and prerogatives vested unto Mayor Tomas Osmena as NAPOLCOM deputy…..are hereby removed or revoked. Napolcom resolution stripping Osmena of his police powers.

You mean they’re revoking something that I never had in the first place? Being denied the chance to choose someone to work with was the very reason for my protest to begin with. Mayor Tomas Osmena.

Read: Freeman: Osmena loses control over police after cutting support in drug war.

Cebu Daily News: Osmena lashes back, says Cebu City PNP still has 50 cars from the city.

Sun.Star Cebu: CCPO says Osmena may lose police escorts, including SPO1 Adonis Dumpit.

House of mayor who denied being a drug lord yields P88 million worth of shabu

Albuera mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr. denied that he was a drug lord but a raid in his house says otherwise after authorities seized 11 kilos of shabu woth P88 million, high-powered firearms and even bomb components. Espinosa’s troubles started after a buy-bust caught some of his men and Duterte identified him as a drug lord, while a shootout in his house led to the death of six goons two days later.

Espinosa, who has left the custody of Chief PNP Ronald dela Rosa, is reportedly in a Cebu City hospital and has not been heard from since leaving Manila.

Right now, lahat ng hospital pinapuntahan namin. Kahit alam namin na nandito sa mga hospital, they keep on denying. Cebu City police director Joel Doria.

Read: Sun.Star Cebu: Raid in narco-politico’s house yiels 11 kilos of shabu.

Killings are part of syndicates’ purge

PRO 7 head Chief Supt. Noli Talino believes the series of killings involving drug pushers is not the result of vigilantes but a part of the purge of syndicates against their cronies who have surrendered to authorities. As of yesterday, 102 have been killed in Central Visayas, 48 by unidentified gun men.

Kaya ang iba, inunahanan na ang mga police. PRO 7 head Chief Supt. Noli Talino.

Read: Freeman: Drug syndicates killing off personnel in purge.

Other Cebu stories

➤ The Freeman: 5 Velez College graduates in top 10 of PT/OT board exams

➤ The Freeman: Two of Lapu-Lapu’s top drug personalities among 12 surrenderees

➤ The Freeman: Former Aklan town mayor sentenced to 14 years for death of broadcaster

➤ The Freeman: Truck with butane canisters catches fire in Talisay City accident

Sun.Star Cebu: Cop, 2 pushers arrested in Danao City anti-drug operations

Sun.Star Cebu: Dole 7 director says underpaid workers can claim back pay

Sun.Star Cebu: Pusher who gets supply from provincial jail killed in buy-bust

Sun.Star Cebu: Capitol to open P6 million mini-hospital in Provincial jail

Cebu Daily News: PRO 7 head backs Duterte, says drug list is reliable

Cebu Daily News: Capitol backs emergency powers for Duterte to address traffic

Cebu Daily News: Muslims in Cebu to provide drug list to PNP

Cebu Daily News: Soldiers to assists police in Cebu City in securing public areas

Cebu Business News

➤ The Freeman: DOT 7 identifies 3 key areas in Cebu tourism industry

➤ The Freeman: PHL exports drops 11.4 percent to $4.8 billion

➤ The Freeman: HSBC says PHL banking industry boosted by economic growth

Sun.Star Cebu: Expert urges local businessmen to link up

Sun.Star Cebu: BSP sees BPO industry to surpass OFW remittances

Cebu Daily News: Expert encourages large firms to link up with small businesses

Cebu Sports Stories

Sun.Star Cebu: Cebuano to make debut in One FC championship

➤ The Freeman: UV battles USJ-R for Cesafi lead

Cebu Daily News: CIT-U to field team in high school volleyball


Cebu Opinion

➤ The Freeman Editorial: Wily Tommy keeps outsmarting Rama

Sun.Star Cebu Editorial: After gloating over Rama’s predicament, Tomas gets stung by Napolcom

Cebu Daily News Editorial: Jail consultant’s resignation fails to diminish cyberporn problem in jail

Bong Wenceslao: Duterte’s outbursts lead to three controversies

Cheking Seares: Duterte’s evolving defense in baring drug list

Elias Espinoza: Support campaign against drugs, but don’t forget we are still a nation of laws

Publio Briones: Drug related shootings is the new normal in news pages

Aven Piramide: Does Duterte have dictatorial tendencies?

Atty. Josephus Jimenez: What if some mayors in list are really innocent?

Jojo Bersales: I hope Duterte stays the course in war against drugs


Tomas dares Mike to lie take detector test; Student nabbed for using nude photos in extortion; PDEA wants drug lords’ assets seized–Cebu News Digest for August 10, 2016.

This is the roundup of stories that came out in local publications today, August 10, 2016.

GAME KA NA BA? Tomas Osmena, who is in the US for his annual checkup, issued his latest challenge to Mike Rama via his Facebook page. (Photo from Tommy Osmena's FB page)
GAME KA NA BA? Tomas Osmena, who is in the US for his annual checkup, issued his latest challenge to Mike Rama via his Facebook page. (Photo from Tommy Osmena’s FB page)

Tomas wants Mike to answer: Did you receive, solicit money from drug lords?

CEBU City mayor Tomas Osmeña challenged former mayor Mike Rama to a lie detector test, to settle the issue on which mayor is the real drug protector. Osmeña extended the challenge to Supt. Romeo Santander, one of the cops named by President Rodrigo Duterte allegedly involved in the drug trade.

I am publicly challenging Mr. Michael Rama to a lie detector test. He said the truth will set him free? let’s see about that…I challenge Supt. Romeo Santander, Mr. Rama’s alleged bagman who I alluded to in my most recent press con, to submit to the same test as well. Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña

Wala g’yud ko kasabot nganong naabot na. Nganong kami man’ng duha? Apil siya? Unsa may kahadlokan nato ana’ng lie? I have never been into lying. So wala ta ana. Dili ta mahadlok ana. Former Cebu City mayor Mike Rama.

Read: Freeman: Tomas dares Mike: Answer ‘Did you solicit money from Jaguar or any drug lord?’ under lie detector test.

Cebu Daily News: Osmena names Santander as Rama’s bag man.

Student nabbed for using nude photo to solicit P500 load, sex

A male college student is now in jail after he was nabbed for threatening to upload the naked photos of a college student in exchange for load and sex. The victim said she handed over access to her e-mail after recieving a private message from a friend, who later turned out to be the suspect. The suspect was caught in an entrapment operation and now needs a P100,000 bail for his temporary release.

He used the photos to blackmail me by demanding P500 worth of cellphone load and threatened me that he would spread the photos on social media if I will not give his demand. Victim on her affidavit.

Read: Sun.Star Cebu: College student faces criminal charges for trying to blackmail fellow student.

PDEA wants Anti-Money laundering council to go after drug lords’ assets

Aside from publicly naming them, suspected drug lords may have their assets seized by the Anti-Money Laundering COuncil. PDEA 7 director Yogi Felimon Ruiz said he is coordinating with the AMLC to look into the financial records of the drug lords.

We are given three to six months by President Duterte to get at least seven of the top 10 drug lords. We hope to conduct intensified operations in the coming days in order to arrest the drug lords. PDEA 7 director Yogi Ruiz.

Sun.Star Cebu: PDEA 7 asks anti-money laundering council’s help in probing drug lords’ assets.

Other Cebu News

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Official confirms alleged drug lord used to work at City Hall as Citom enforcer

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Former call center agent completes journey to priesthood

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Archbishop Palma urges Duterte to verify list before destroying peoples’ reputations

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: As more people die in drug war, Cebu City council wants probe into killings

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Authorities alarmed with rising number of teen pregnancies in the region

➤ The Freeman: Dancing inmates want ‘resigned’ jail consultant back

➤ The Freeman: Cops probe Jaguar’s successor in Central Visayas drug ring

➤ The Freeman: Capitol passes ordinance granting scholarships to PWDs, children of those who surrendered in drugs campaign

➤ The Freeman: Mandaue City creates program to deal with rehab of drug dependents

➤ Cebu Daily News: Bohol governor vows to give own list of narco-politicians in province

➤ Cebu Daily News: Rookie cop in Cebu City tourist police nabbed for buying shabu in Danao City

➤ Cebu Daily News: Couple files accuses cop of pointing gun at them, files complaint

Cebu Business News

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: PHL’s business industry not prepared to deal with cyber-security threats

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Number of banks in Central Visayas increases to 622 from 602

➤ The Freeman: Expert urges retailers to think of new ideas for business

➤ The Freeman: Metro Gaisano reports P262 million profit in first half of 2016

➤ The Cebu Daily News: Aside from drug menace, PHL must also deal with cyber threats

➤ Cebu Daily News: DTI to hold seminar for startups

Cebu Sports News

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Diaz’s silver medal in Rio inspires Cebuano weightlifters

➤ The Freeman: Nietes eager to make impression in flyweight debut

➤ Cebu Daily News: Strong finish lifts UC over USPF in Cesafi college basketball


Cebu Opinion

➤ Sun.Star Cebu Editorial: Finally, City, Capitol will tackle 93-1 lot exchange

➤ The Freeman Editorial: We can not afford to get distracted in war against drugs

➤ Cebu Daily News Editorial: Cops finally score big fish in Cebu’s anti-drug ops

➤ Bobby Nalzaro: Even if the PNP can’t prove case against him, Rama’s reputation in tatters

➤ Eddie Barrita: How did PNP come up with list of drug personalities?

➤ Bong Wenceslao: Marcos’ burial in Libingan ng Bayani will put history upside down

➤ Bobit Avila: Duterte must update his list of people involved in drugs

➤ Korina Sanchez: Diaz’s feat in Rio is simply amazing

➤ Jerry S. Tundag: Listen to the other side of the Martial Law narrative

➤ Atty. Josephus Jimenez: Palace preparing another list of mayors in drug trade

➤ Raymund Fernandez: Marcos’ burial at Libingan ng Bayani marks family’s return to power

➤ Nestor Ramirez: Shaming will not end the drug trade


Cebu drug lord yields, starts ‘singing’; Mandaue firms face suspension; Cebu City to implemenet curfew ordinace–Cebu News Digest for August 9, 2016.

This is the roundup of stories that came out in local publications today, August 9, 2016.

Drug lord yields, reveals P200,000 payola to police colonel in Cebu

A top drug personality from San Fernando named by President Rodrigo Duterte surrendered to PNP Director General Ronald dela Rosa in Camp Crame. Franz Sabalones, the brother of San Fernando Cebu Vice Mayor Fralz Sabalones gave himself up to the Chief PNP. He also told dela Rosa that he used to give P200,000 a week to a police colonel in Cebu. The police colonel, who was not named, is no longer assigned in Cebu according to Dela Rosa.

Yung payola n’ya weekly, may napupunta kay colonel, may napupunta kay major, may napupunta kay chief of police. Sinabi n’ya lahat yung officials ng PNP na involved at sa lahat ng sinabi lahat yun ngayon wala na sa Cebu dahil itatapon natin sa ARMM, Cordillera yang mga officials na ‘yan pati police non-commissioned officers. PNP Director General Ronald dela Rosa.

Last month, dela Rosa angered Cebu City mayor Tomas Osmena after relieving police colonels Rex Derilo, George Ylanan, Rodolfo Albotra, Marvin Sanchez and Teofilo Siclot.

Read: Cebu Daily News: San Fernando VM’s brother yields to PNP months after taking over Jaguar’s drug trade.

Sun.Star Cebu: San Fernando mayor waits for DILG guidelines on what to do with VM identified by Duterte as drug lord.

Freeman: Cebu drug lord gets P10 million worth of shabu from Bilibid every month.

2 fastfood joints in Mandaue City face closure

Mandaue City warned two popular fast-food joints that they will have their business permits revoked if they continue to defy the plastic ban the city is implementing. Atty. Elaine Bathan, the chief of staff of Mayor Luigi Quisumbing, said she personally saw the violations in a visit last Sunday. Aside from the two, 30 stores, restaurants, baskeshops and other establishments were caught violating the plastic ban.

Our aim here is to encourage everyone to set an example sa tanan nga mga establishments nga seryoso ang city of Mandaue sa pagpatuman aning atoang ordinance on plastic ban. Atty. Elaine Bathan.

Read: Sun.Star Cebu: Defiant establishments in Mandaue face closure over plastic ban violations.

Freeman: Mandaue City catches 32 stores violating plastic ban.

Cebu City to start implementing curfew for minors

The Cebu City Police Office will start rounding up minors who violate the 10 p.m. curfew in the city. City Ordinance 1786 prohibits minors from loitering outside their residences from 10 p.m. to 4 p.m..

We’re trying to avoid having minors involved in shooting incidents, which usually happen at night time and dawn. It’s also to prevent them from being mistaken as a drug user or pusher. Cebu City acting vice mayor Dave Tumulak.

Read: Sun.Star Cebu: Cebu City police, barangays start implementing 10 p.m. curfew for minors.

Cebu Daily News: Cops warn parents, Cebu City will implement curfew ordinance.

Other Cebu News stories.

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Rama, Santander prepare defense after getting named as drug lord protectors

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Governor seeks board’s approval for 93-1 lot exchange

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Cops arrest 7, including 74-year-old in latest anti-drug push

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Mandaue rewards 2 street sweepers for returning wallet

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Gunman yells, ‘hey he’s not the right one’ moments after shooting man

➤ The Freeman: Mike Rama presents self to PDEA to clear name

➤ The Freeman: Ombudsman finds ex-Dumanjug mayor Garcia guilty of misconduct

➤ The Freeman: LTFRB 7 nabs 5 colorum vans, charges owners P200,000 fine

➤ Cebu Daily News: Cebu cops mum on Rama’s inclusing in drug list

➤ Cebu Daily News: 3 more killed as fatalities in Cebu drug war nears 100

➤ Cebu Daily News: Cops verify report that Albuera mayor Espinosa is confined in Cebu hospital


Cebu Business News

➤ Sun.Star Cebu:Argao’s hablon products gain popularity

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Mandaue business chamber to help in rehabilitation of drug dependents

➤ The Freeman: Tour operators welcome plan to abolish travel tax

➤ Cebu Daily News: Business leaders welcome move to make communications industry competitive

Cebu Sports News

➤The Freeman: Defending champion Ateneo de Cebu opens Cesafi title defense today

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Ironman organizers donate P250,000 to Marigondon school

➤ Cebu Daily News: Organizers mum on plans to bid for Ironman World Championships

Cebu Opinion

➤ Sun.Star Cebu Editorial: Shame campaign must be followed by proof

➤ The Freeman Editorial: Duterte just carrying out the mandate he was given

➤ Cebu Daily News Editorial: Tomas made the right move in cancelling Sinulog sa Kabataan

➤ Publio Briones: Ban Tal traffic getting worse

➤ Cheking Seares: Mike Rama loses political capital

➤ Ruben Almendras: How safe is Rio de Janeiro?

➤ Ian Manticajon: Will shaming public officials win the drug war?

➤ Ricky Poca: Mike Rama has the right to due process


Rama says Duterte got it wrong; Osmena gloats over Rama’s inclusion in drug list; Ironman Cebu goes off without a hitch–Cebu News Digest for August 8, 2016.

This is the roundup of stories that came out in local publications today, August 8, 2016.

Rama denies coddling drug lords

After getting publicly named and shamed by President Rodrigo Duterte in a televised speech as one of the drug protectors, former Cebu City mayor Mike Rama denied the allegations in a press conference. Rama, who lost to Tomas Osmeña in last May’s elections, was flanked by his allies, friends and family in his press conference.

SHOCKED. Former Cebu City mayor Mike Rama says he and his family are shocked he was included in the list of drug protectors, a charge he denies. (Photo from Mike Rama's FB account)
SHOCKED. Former Cebu City mayor Mike Rama says he and his family are shocked he was included in the list of drug protectors, a charge he denies. (Photo from Mike Rama’s FB account)

How could I have been a protector when, in the past years of being a mayor, two of my regional directors were removed? Four of my chiefs of police were removed. So how can I be protecting, if there is such a protector, when I did not have much control over the police? Former Cebu City mayor Mike Rama.

Sun.Star Cebu: VM Labella backs Rama

Freeman: Rama willing to submit himself to any agency to clear name

Cebu Daily News: Rama hurt by Duterte’s tag, but still believes in president’s sincerity in war against drugs.

Tomas gloats, blasts Rama’s social media trolls

Though he is abroad for a medical checkup, Cebu City mayor Tomas Osmeña took to social media to take a dig at rival Mike Rama, who was named as one of the drug protectors by president Duterte.

And guess who he named? And Team Rama’s social media trolls kept trying to make it look like I was the drug protector? Cebu City mayor Tomas Osmena.

Read: Cebu Daily News: Tom gloats after rival Rama is included in Duterte list of protectors.

Ironman Cebu a big success

The fifth edition of the Cobra 70.3 Ironman went off without any major glitch as thousands of volunteers trooped to the streets to help ensure the success of the event.

Mas alegre karon, mas dali nahuman ang race kay mas paspas ang mga participants. Lapu-Lapu City Mayor Paz Radaza.

Read: Sun.Star Cebu: No major traffic congestion in Ironman.

Other Cebu News

Cebu Daily News: Rama’s allies, family say former mayor is innocent.

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: PRO 7 head orders relief of cops mentioned in Duterte list of protectors

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Wife not surprised with death of addict-husband

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Naga offers P200,000 reward for arrest of top drug personalities.

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Association of Barangay Councils back Cebu City police’s drive against drugs

➤ The Freeman: DILG 7 to wait for palace guidelines on action vs. gov’t officials included in drug list.

➤ Cebu Daily News: Santander relieved just a day after assuming new post.

➤ Cebu Daily News: Vice Mayor Fralz Sabalones cries mistaken identity, says Duterte may be referring to brother Franz Sabalones

➤ Cebu Daily News: Former IBP head dares president Duterte to go beyond shaming, prove allegations

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Couple in drug trade shot in Asturias.

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Farmers sees huge demand worldwide for cacao

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Asturias, Pinamungajan, Aloguinsan get new school buildings from Capitol

➤ Freeman: Lapu-Lapu traffic chief now in stable condition, a day after getting shot

➤ Cebu Daily News: Cops rescue 16-year-old girl from 43-year-old Briton in Sta. Fe

Cebu Business News

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Millenials are driving PH’s economic growth

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Increased consumer spending to boost PH retail industry

➤ Cebu Daily News: Dino heads investors’ forum for Visayas

➤ The Freeman: Homegrown fashion company eyes global presence

Cebu Sports News

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Defending champions retain titles in Cobra Ironman

➤ Sun.Star Cebu: Ironman execs laud organizers for excellent race

➤ Cebu Daily News: Winners say Ironman Cebu was best race ever

➤ Cebu Daily News: Vendors earn big in Ironman


Cebu Opinion

➤ Sun.Star Cebu Editorial: Drug war earns condemnation from international community

➤ The Freeman Editorial: Mandaue City ill-prepared in implementing plastic ban

➤ Cebu Daily News Editorial: Plan to revive ROTC needs careful study

➤ Bong Wenceslao: Chief PNP Bato changing cops’ image

➤ Bobby Nalzaro: Duterte got it wrong in naming Rama

➤ Cheking Seares: Senseless reasons behind killings

➤ Anol Mongaya: Whisteblower in MCIAA lot deal goes ‘out-of-script’

➤ Jerry Tundag: Sen. de Lima not the right person to cry due process

➤ Korina Sanchez: Are BFFs Digong, Joma no longer friends

➤ Atty. Gloria Ramos: Nonviolence is the answer


President Duterte names former Cebu City mayor Michael Rama a drug protector

President Rodrigo Duterte earlier today named former Cebu City mayor Michael Rama as one of the country’s drug protectors, along with several judges, politicians, and police officials.

Duterte read the names during the wake in Davao City of soldiers killed in an encounter with the New People’s Army.

In a post on his official Facebook page, Rama said he will fully cooperate with authorities to clear his name.

“The news that my name was mentioned by President Duterte is saddening. Even how untrue this accusation is, should this be the way and the necessary step to win the war against drugs, I will fully cooperate with the authorities to immediately clear my name. My unwavering support for President Duterte’s campaign will continue. My family and I have always been law-abiding citizens and have been very clear about our stand against drugs. May justice prevail and the truth set us free. God bless Cebu and God bless the Philippines,” Rama said in his post.

Duterte also named Iloilo City Mayor Jed Mabilog as a drug protector along with former Marawi City mayor Omar Solitario Ali, whom he described as a personal friend.

Mike Rama President Duterte
MIKE RAMA. The former mayor was linked to drugs by President Duterte. (Photo taken from Mike Rama’s Facebook page)

“Magkaibigan tayo,” Duterte said, but “either I read all or I read none. Trabaho ko ito.” He said the list came from the military and police and he had it validated and re-validated, especially after reading the names of mayors that he knew.

“You are working for the government and you allowed yourself to be used,” Duterte said in his speech that lasted into the early hours of today. “You destroyed the country. There are now 600,000 Filipinos who are addicts – pushers and users. That is treason.”

He again named Daanbantayan Mayor Vicente Loot, a retired police general, as well as former Cebu City police intelligence branch head Supt. Romeo Santander as among the protectors.

Duterte said that police officials whom he named are relieved of their assignments and ordered to report to PNP Chief Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa within 24 hours or else he will ask the “entire armed forces to hunt you.”

He also ordered police and military assigned to the mayors he named relieve of duty and to report to their mother unit. Otherwise, he said, “I will whack you. I will dismiss you from service.”

Duterte said the drugs problem worsened to its current magnitude because government officials were into it.

After the announcement, Rama’s political rival and incumbent Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña posted on Facebook, “And guess who he named? And Team Rama’s social media trolls kept trying to make it look like I was the drug protector?”

Here’s the PTV video of the President’s speech.


Tomas reveals reason for having no confidence on PNP chief; Davide suspects corrupt jail guards behind smuggling of gadgets; Cebu City to test hybrid ‘road train’–Cebu News Digest for August 5, 2016.

This is the roundup of top Cebu news stories today, August 5, 2016.

NOT HAPPY. Tomas Osmena with Superintendents Rex Derilo and George Ylanan, who like Chief. Supt. Patricio Commendador, were reassigned outside Cebu in a major PNP revamp. Osmena cut support to the PNP after that move. (Photo from Tomas Osmena's Facebook page)
NOT HAPPY. Tomas Osmena with Superintendents Rex Derilo and George Ylanan, who like Chief. Supt. Patricio Commendador, were reassigned outside Cebu in a major PNP revamp. Osmena cut support to the PNP after that move. (Photo from Tomas Osmena’s Facebook page)

Tomas says he doesn’t have confidence on Bato

Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmena says the re-assignment of former PRO 7 head Patrocinio Commendador was one of the reasons he discontinued his support for the fight against drugs. He said PNP Chief Ronald dela Rosa did not inform him of the change and that he also did not return his call when the mayor called him up. However, he said he is willing to reinstate his support for the PNP should they capture suspected drug lord Kerwin Espinosa, who is reportedly hiding in Cebu.

I just don’t have any confidence in them, especially General Ronald dela Rosa….and when he changed Commendador, he did not tell me in advance. And when I called him, his secretary answered, but he did not return my call. I want to report this to the Cebuanos because it has been made to appear that I am just acting like a spoiled brat, but we really lost our momentum. Tomas Osmena.

Read: Cebu Daily News: Tomas challenges police, says he’s not confident of Chief PNP Bato

Related News:

Sun.Star Cebu: PNP checking cellphone, receipts of cop slain in shootout to discover possible links.

Sun.Star Cebu: PDEA 7 kills alleged right hand man of Espinosa in Hippodromo shootout.

Sun.Star Cebu: PNP to probe allegations cop shot ‘drug pusher’ in Pardo.

Sun.Star Cebu: Suspected pusher resists arrest, gets killed.

Cebu Daily News: PNP checking for cohorts of slain narco cop.

Freeman: Drug lord on the run sends surrender feelers to cops.

Are Cebu provincial jail guards on the take?

The Cebu Provincial government is suspecting jail guards at the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center are in collusion with inmates after gadgets–including a laptop–were seized from prisoners during a raid. Eileen Ontong and German national Thomas Michael Ruhland, who are both suspected of engaging in cyber trafficking despite being behind bars.

I believe our prison officials have a lot of explaining to do nganong nakalusot ni. We don’t tolerate these things happening in the CPDRC, where there are a lot of illegal materials that were taken in. Hilario Davide III.

Read: Cebu Daily News: Governor asks the obvious question; why do laptops, cell phones slip past jail guards?

DOST to test new train in Cebu City next month

Cebu City Transportation Office ead Rafael Yap said Cebu City will test a Filipino-made electric train next month. It won’t follow a track but will ply through the city streets as the train is made up of buses linked to one another. It also will not need cables.

First, we have to check its technical capability to run. The reason why tehy are sending it to us is for our testing, and then if we like it, to promote the road train. CCTO head Rafael Yap.

Read: Cebu Daily News: Cebu City will be first to test hybrid Filipino-made electric ‘train’

Sun.Star Cebu: Road train to hit Cebu next month.

Freeman: Gov’t to train drivers for new road train.

Other Cebu News

Sun.Star Cebu: Duterte to meet soldiers in first official visit to Cebu

Sun.Star Cebu: Woman nabbed after duping officials of P60,000 using Bobby Nalzaro’s name

Sun.Star Cebu: Tomas scraps Sinulog sa Kabataan, says practice has gotten out of hand

Sun.Star Cebu: Ombud affirms filing of charges vs. Tining for fertilizer scam

Sun.Star Cebu: Transport group wants LTFRP, LTO to simplify rules

Sun.Star Cebu: Mandaue city gives private sector two slots in traffic board

➤ The Freeman: LTFRB to stop sale of franchise starting Aug. 13

➤ The Freeman: 8 northern towns to get new patrol boats to battle illegal fishing


Cebu Business News

Sun.Star Cebu: BSP governor urges bank to take advantage of Brexit; Asean integration

Sun.Star Cebu: Megaworld hopes to establish Visayas BPO triangle in Iloilo, Cebu and Bacolod

➤ The Freeman: IT stakeholders hope better Internet speed will boost Cebu’s ranking in IT

➤ The Freeman: Cebu chamber urges members to follow gov’t policies on wages, contractualization

Cebu Daily News: Cebu City’s traffic woes forces BPOs to turn to Mactan


Cebu Sports News

➤ The Freeman: Cebuano wins in South Korea taekwondo tournament

Sun.Star Cebu: Ironman organizer says Cebuano crowd makes race stand out

Cebu Daily News: Former cheerleaders join Ironman race


Cebu Opinion

➤The Freeman Editorial: Gov’t officials need to stop trying to adopt Duterte persona

Sun.Star Cebu Editorial: Options for Cordova in fight against cyber porn

Cebu Daily News: CPP, NPA manipulating ceasefire

Cheking Seares: What are the PNP human rights office and Internal affairs office for?

Bong Wenceslao: Duterte admin deserve a pat for Espinosa surrender

Orlando Carvajal: Federalism is our only hope against Imperial Manila

Jerry Tundag: Duterte surprises non-Cebuano audience

Korina Sanchez: Pinoy fishermen should not be driven away in Panatag shoal

Stephen Capillas: No, you can’t compare vigilantes to Batman