Jpark treats Chinese food lovers to dimsum special at Ching Hai restaurant

Dimsum lovers get a treat from Jpark Island Resort and Waterpark with a special promo at its Ching Hai Restaurant. The resort’s Chinese restaurant offers a set menu of nine dishes that’s good for two to three persons at only P999 net of government tax and service charge.

Palagsing in Samboan

Palagsing: unwrapping a local delicacy

It looks like a suman or budbod because of the way it is wrapped in leaves but that’s just one of two similarities the local delicacy known as palagsing shares with the more popular merienda mainstays. The palagsing is sweeter and offers a more intense flavor than the suman or budbod and, like the two, goes well with afternoon coffee, preferably black or brewed from roasted corn grits.

Tuslob Buwa

Doon Po Sa Amin video features Cebuano street food Tuslob Buwa

There’s a delicacy that’s bubbling in Cebu. Tuslob buwa is basically puso (rice cooked in woven coconut leaves wrapping) dipped into a sauce simmering away in a frying pan, hence the name tuslob (to dip) and buwa (bubbles) or more accurately, the froth that is formed when the soup of pig’s brain with liver and spices simmers in a frying pan until it is reduced to a thick sauce.